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Press-Releases BRIDGETON, MO – Leading Dermatology in Bridgeton, Dermatological Treatment Center, Inc., adds an informational dermatology library to website. Patients can now visit the practice’s website for easy access to educational resources, including a dental library, Facebook and Twitter pages, and an informative blog. Each educational resource provides patients with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of various skin health care topics, such as Bridgeton Botox. The educational library contains a wide array of skin health care topics available with just the click of a mouse. When patients have questions in regards to their skin health outside of office hours, they are encouraged to visit the practice’s interactive website for access to a host of dermatological health information. Whether patients are in search of information about skin cancer, wrinkle fillers or Botox in Bridgeton, they can turn to Dermatological Treatment Center’s website. "It is important that my patients are able to easily access skin health care information at any time during the day. The educational library allows my patients to research ailments or procedures they want to know more information about whenever, and wherever they need it," said Dr. Lisa Ring, dermatologist in Bridgeton. In addition to the educational library, patients can visit Dr. Ring’s informative blog for further information. The blog was created for Dr. Ring, Bridgeton dermatologist, to include an array of information in regards to dermatological health care. Topics will include frequently asked questions, and even procedures that are commonly performed in her office. Skin health care is vital to a patient’s overall well-being and appearance, and the practice’s blog was created to be both informative and beneficial to skin health. The practice’s blog will keep patients up-to-date with the latest information from the dermatology field including advancements in treatment, new procedures and skin health care advice from Dr. Lisa Ring and her staff at Dermatological Treatment Center, Inc., Bridgeton dermatology. Patients can visit the blog for information on an array of topics such as Bridgeton skin cancer, Botox and wrinkle fillers, among other valuable topics. Working in conjunction with the blog are the practice’s Facebook and Twitter pages. With over millions of users already, these social media sites are proving to be a valuable resource for both patients and dermatologists. Patients can join Dr. Ring’s social network to receive up-to-date information on the practice, upcoming specials and various procedures. Patients also have the ability to interact with Dr. Lisa Ring, her staff and other patients. For patients who are looking for the best in quality dermatological care and services, they turn to Dr. Ring for skin care they can trust. With the introduction of new educational resources, Dr. Lisa Ring further demonstrates her commitment to providing the highest level of skin care through patient education and advanced technologies. About Dermatological Treatment Center, Inc.: Dr. Lisa Ring is the Medical Director and Founder of Dermatological Treatment Center, which opened its doors in 1985. During her 25 years in practice, Dr. Ring has developed a reputation for her very compassionate and thorough approach to patient care. She specializes in treating skin cancer, eczema, acne, rashes and challenging diagnosis. Additionally, Dr. Ring received her M.D. from Washington University School of Medicine and subsequently completed two years of residency in their Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. From 1982 to 1985, Dr. Ring was a Dermatology Resident at Washington University School of Medicine and served as Chief Resident in Dermatology in from 1984-1985. Working alongside Dr. Ring is Dr. Mary Nol George. Dr. George graduated from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, MO in 2002. Following her training in 2006, Dr. George joined Dr. Ring in practice at the Dermatological Treatment Center at DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton, MO. Media Contact: Dr. Lisa Ring [email protected] [dot]com 12255 DePaul Drive, Suite 770 Bridgeton, MO 63044 (314) 344-0004 ..bridgetonderm[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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