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Double sided glass! Analysts said iPhone  8 new news – Guizhou Channel – People’s original title: return to double glass! Analysts said the new iPhone 8 news, according to foreign media reports Macrumors, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi Taiwan recently released a new research report about iPhone. In the report, Guo Mingchi noted that 2017 iPhone will return double glass design, while the high version of the mobile phone will be used to replace the stainless steel frame, Aluminum Alloy materials currently used. Double sided glass! Analysts said the iPhone 8 news (pictures from Google) with Guo Mingchi that technical ability at the present stage of apple, with full glass design is not realistic, but the mobile phone after the shell of glass panel regression or can be realized. In order to ensure the stability of the double glass panels and resistance to fall, Apple will use the way to strengthen the structure of the metal frame design. Stainless steel frame in the appearance of a lot stronger than the aluminum alloy, but the relative price is also higher than many. Therefore, Guo Mingchi believes that only high iPhone will use 8 stainless steel frame, and the next year the new Apple Watch will also use this setting. The reason why Apple in exchange for a glass shell, Guo Mingchi think mainly because this year launched a bright black material is easy to paint, and the glass panel is safe. Compared with aluminum alloy material, the glass shell will be more durable. Earlier news, iPhone 8 will bring huge changes. IPhone 8 will use OLED hyperboloid screen, equipped with all glass panels. The current iPhone 7 Home key is not pressed, and iPhone would directly cut the Home key fingerprint recognition system will become virtual buttons on the screen. IPhone 8 will also enhance tactile response speed, use wireless charging and improve camera performance. Apple’s iPhone sales in fiscal year 2018 is expected to increase to 250 million, which means that it will be compared with the fiscal year 215 million of the estimated figure of 2017 higher than the figure of 16%. Credit Suisse expects Apple’s fiscal 2017 iPhone sales growth of only 2015 compared to fiscal year 4.2%. According to earlier analysts predict, iPhone 8 other sensing components will hide behind the screen, and may have facial recognition or iris recognition and other functions. Moreover, apple is also possible to remove the SIM card slot on the iPhone 8, because the SIM card slot is actually larger than the 3.5mm headset interface. (Wu Xiaoyu) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Gao Hua Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章:

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