Eagle City Pingdingshan city master plan approved as the central city of Henan Province yuanjiao

The overall planning of Pingdingshan city approved the location of the Eagle City as the central city of Henan mapping network news (reporter Wu Xiao Wang Kuan) November 2nd, reporters from the People’s Republic of China Central People’s government official website was informed that the Pingdingshan city master plan has been approved by the general office of the state council. From the reply: the State Council agreed to the principle of "Pingdingshan city master plan (2011 – 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "master plan"). Pingdingshan is an important energy and heavy industry base in the Central Plains Economic zone. According to the overall plan, the size of the city of Pingdingshan, to 2020, the central city resident population of 1 million 100 thousand people within the control of urban construction land within the area of 106 square kilometers. "Prohibit the establishment of the" master plan "to determine the scope of construction land outside the establishment of various types of development zones and urban areas". In improving the construction of urban infrastructure system, the overall planning in the statement, according to the concept of green low-carbon cycle planning and construction of urban infrastructure. Do a good job of parking planning and layout, promote the construction of urban parking. Adhere to the principle of underground, after the ground, the overall planning and construction of urban water supply and water supply and drainage, garbage disposal and other infrastructure, actively and orderly development of underground pipe gallery. In addition, Pingdingshan should actively promote the development of low impact mode, promote the construction of the sponge city. Strengthen the greening, green protection scope delineation of the city green space system. To strengthen the protection of special ecological functional area Yaoshan scenic area, wetland, water diversion canal, such as water, strict implementation of relevant protective measures. Finally, Pingdingshan city should pay attention to the protection of historical and cultural features, and strictly implement the overall plan.相关的主题文章:

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