Eleven golden week, 140 thousand people visit the Imperial Palace – Liaoning Channel – People’s netw candle june

"Eleven" golden week 140 thousand people visit the the Imperial Palace – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn Shenyang on 8 October, (the Han side) from the Imperial Palace Museum in Shenyang was informed that during the National Day holiday in October 1st to 7, a total of nearly 140 thousand viewers into the Shenyang the Imperial Palace Tour, a new record high. "Eleven" golden week, the Imperial Palace Museum in Shenyang to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of National Day and, specially launched the Saatchi collection — Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum Treasures Exhibition "," spirit essence — the cultural relics exhibition "and" Shenyang the Imperial Palace old photo exhibition "and so on, have a strong appeal to the audience. From the beginning of 1 to 7 large Qing culture subject to perform "harjol Huangtaiji" to marry, is fascinated by the many admiring foreign audience. Because the national treasure watch too many tourists, luanjia library entrance security personnel was the time limit of passenger flow. For the audience, not only from the stairs at the garden on the stage five house into a one-way traffic, the rear step at the Phoenix Chongzheng floor also set up a cordon, separating the upper and lower passenger flow, and according to the number of viewers limiting flow. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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