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Nutrition Emily Candler, healthy-dining-while-traveling author and international swimsuit model, blends her passion for foreign cuisine with the mission of maintaining a photogenic waistline in her new book, "Magical Eating: A Worldwide Guide". (www.magicaleatingguide.com) Emily Caprice Candler makes healthy dining while traveling quite easy to follow with her guidebook that provides English translations, recommendations and calorie counts for hundreds of appetizers, entrees and desserts commonly found on restaurant menus in numerous countries. "Menus in foreign countries can be very confusing, especially when restaurants don’t list the English language names of the dishes or don’t explain how the dish is cooked," said Ms. Candler, whose livelihood as a top model depends on healthy dining while traveling. Ms. Candler said in the process of writing her healthy-dining-while-traveling book she learned that many of the foreign dishes she thought were "figure friendly" turned out to be "high-calorie catastrophes." "Because it featured fish, I assumed that England’s famous ‘fish and chips’ would be a fairly healthy snack, but I discovered that one serving contained over 1,500 calories," she said. In her book, Ms. Candler reviews dishes commonly served at restaurants in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Turkey, Egypt, Persia, Israel, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, England, France, America, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Columbia and Peru. "I searched but couldn’t find any books covering how to make healthy food selections while dining in foreign cities, so I decided to write one," said Emily Candler. "I hope the book also makes it a little easier to stay on your diet at your favorite ethnic restaurant right down the street." "Magical Eating: A Worldwide Guide" is available through Amazon.com or through the Web site: .www.magicaleatingguide.com. ABOUT THE AUTHOR, EMILY CAPRICE CANDLER ..123emily.com Emily Caprice Candler is an international fitness, swimsuit and glamour model based in Miami Florida. Ms. Candler’s photographs have been featured in dozens of publications including Maxim and Playboy, and she has appeared in advertising and promotional campaigns by Hawaiian Tropics, Clear Channel Radio, Telemundo and E! Entertainment Television. A worldwide traveler who has dined in numerous countries, Ms. Candler’s passion for healthy eating served as the creative impetus behind her book, "Magical Eating, a Worldwide Guide", (.magicaleatingguide..) an easy-to-follow guidebook with suggestions for health conscious individuals and those watching their waistlines about what to eat and what to avoid when ordering meals in foreign restaurants both in the States and around the world. Ms. Candler holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Everest University and an Undergraduate Degree in Business from Queens University in Charlotte. She is also a licensed realtor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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