– exposure the other shore fish MV Medina interpretation and Mermaid (video) incubus

"-" exposure "the other shore fish" MV Medina interpretation of desolate Mermaid Sang Lan Huancheng character song "the other shore" fish MV > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment Yao off the TV drama "-" micro-blog official today (September 22nd) the exposure of the mermaid princess Sang Lan (Medina ornaments the role of song) "the other shore fish" MV, this song was written by Huang Junlang Xian Peijin, composing songs perfect expression of the true love unrequited Mermaid life, at the same time, MV Sang Lan in the sky cherry mound dance, tears down a stone at the bottom of the sea to survive quite pull off into the sea. As the heart of the original Mermaid himself in the evening released. "The first six songs -" role in cooperation with the depth of the play are JVR 6 starring tailored, the song "the other shore" fish also revealed the love life of Sang Lan castle, "I have heard, the world laughed and said I silly, but how, for thousands of years without Bobbi loved moment" sincere letter again reminiscent of Sang Lan for love without the persistent courage. White sweet princess saw the delicate beauty of life by Picasso, Sang Lan can save reluctantly cut scales, can also find their own thoughts for a long time regardless of the danger in the vast sea of the earth face; can put down the so-called PRINCESS PRIDE wholeheartedly think Picasso can also let the passions, love the people happy and willing to take the initiative to withdraw from the rival the competition. And the pear falls implicit love, Sang Lan’s love is more straightforward and brave, "three birds known", but also the destruction of her hatred and directly, and no confusion unworldly has become in the world the treacherous plot Sang Lan tragedy source. User comments: "Sang Lan simple and straightforward is perhaps the complex plot mistake", "always noisy mermaid princess to the line, some don’t give up". In yesterday’s story, was cheated of Sang Lan determination and Yingkong Shi (Ma Tianyu) together, but do not want to bite the Excalibur stabbed pear drop (Song Qianshi), panic and shock complicated mood let her flee. It is reported that the gang tonight Shuo (Book AsiaInfo ornaments) will be caught, and say everything in front of the mist clothes, a new crisis soon surfaced. "If you fall asleep, wake up, can still remember the waiting" tonight, will be the same as the mist clothes pear fall sleep, child heart of the original story tonight 22:00 tear struck.相关的主题文章:

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