Extension of public bicycle temporary service point for 16 bus routes in Hangzhou during National Da-queer as folk

The national day of the Hangzhou 16 bus lines extended additional public bicycle temporary service points yesterday, Hangzhou bus group announced a bus supporting plan for the National Day holiday. According to the plan, bus group will be in September 30th, October 1st, 5 -7 days, focus on strengthening the connection of Xiasha, and small hill and Binjiang Higher Education Park, the public (iron) line capacity road station investment, especially the train station, city station train station and surrounding related lines, implement the car fire emergency evacuation plan the station, passengers will ensure smooth; on October 1st -5, focus on strengthening the scenic area, Lake Business District, connecting the large residential areas, the higher education park line capacity investment. The National Day holidays, bus group will extend the Y2, Y6, 822, 118 and 16 lines Business Hours. In addition, according to the traffic police department’s request, to facilitate the tourists in and out area, good tiger Jade Road to wansongling road parking lot, 87 interval Shi Jia Shan to Huanglong transfer center, Y2 interval Maojiabu to yuhuwan feeder line operation. For the convenience of the public, students travel Xiasha area, opened 5 holiday line, from the parking lot to Xiasha wansongling, Wushan Square, Expo Center and other popular attractions, the opening time from October 1st to October 7th. In addition, also opened 2 Xiasha regional subway connecting line, Hangzhou Normal University (Renhe community) to the bus station, opened in September 30th, October 1st, October 6th time, October 7th; Wenhai subway station high teach Eastern link, the opening time of October 1st. The company will set up a temporary public bicycle service points in the National Day holiday period, the handset POS machine to help customers to rent the vehicle in the prince bay park staff, for the convenience of the customer timely use of public bicycles. The children’s Palace Square, Orioles Singing in the Willows 16 public bicycle service points of the vehicle and reserve the Wushan Square more than 30 service points will further strengthen the maintenance of the power point.

国庆杭州16条公交线时间延长 增设公共自行车临时服务点   昨天,杭州公交集团公布了国庆假期的公交配套计划。根据计划,公交集团将在9月30日、10月1日、5日-7日,重点加强连接下沙、小和山、滨江等高教园、公(铁)路枢纽站的线路运力的投入,尤其是火车东站、城站火车站及其周边涉及线路,落实火车东站应急疏散预案,确保旅客进出通畅;将在10月1日-5日,重点加强景区、湖滨商贸区、连接各大型住宅区、各高教园等线路运力的投入。   国庆节假日期间,公交集团将延长Y2、Y6、822、118等16条线路的服务时间。另外,根据公安交警部门的要求,方便市民游客进出景区,做好虎玉路至万松岭停车场、87路区间施家山至黄龙换乘中心、Y2区间上茅家埠至浴鹄湾的接驳线运营。   为方便下沙区域市民、学生出行,开通5条假日出游专线,由下沙开往万松岭停车场、吴山广场、国博中心等多个热门景点,开通时间10月1日至10月7日。另外,还会开通2条下沙区域地铁接驳线,杭州师范大学(仁和社区)至汽车客运中心,开通时间9月30日、10月1日、10月6日、10月7日;文海地铁站至高教东区环线,开通时间为10月1日。   公共自行车公司将在国庆节假日期间增设临时服务点,在太子湾公园安排工作人员采用手持pos机帮助顾客租还车辆,以方便顾客及时使用公共自行车出行。少年宫广场、柳浪闻莺等16处公共自行车服务点位车辆储备以及吴山广场等30余处服务点驻点维修力量都将进一步加强。相关的主题文章:

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