Germany has at least 520 potential attackers close oversight of security

Germany at least 520 "potential attackers" security agencies close supervision – Beijing, Beijing, September 11, according to foreign media reports, the German Interior Minister Demaizie E warned that Germany has more than 500 Islamic militants. They may launch their own attacks, may also constitute a "attack group" action. Demaizie E said that Germany currently has at least 520 potential attackers, and another 360 "stakeholders" due to the close relationship with potential attackers by the police attention. Germany last year received about 1 million refugees from Syria, North Africa and Asia, many German people worry that the Islamic state organization Jihad will be mixed into the refugees into germany. Demaizie E said: "now the terrorist threat not only from foreign attack group, also from Germany wild wolf." He said: "the attack team secretly smuggled into Europe, in the absence of the case to find their preparations, as we see the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels…… It is more difficult to detect those crazy wolf. Unfortunately, the real danger is now coming from these two threats." Demaizie E said that security agencies are doing everything possible to monitor the potential attackers, the authorities investigated and arrested this year, more people. Nevertheless, the authorities still believe there is a lone wolf, "was not found".相关的主题文章:

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