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Guangdong public organization examination unqualified candidates to medical examination 4 were qualified written test score of 69.9 points, interview scores 81.76 points, in Guangdong province this year, civil servants (course) in the exam, Chen Jianzhong ranked fourth applicants with a total score of 74.644 points, its position is to recruit 4 people. However, he was the WBC and neutrophil count in the high card in the physical link. Chen Jianzhong unexpectedly, before and after the official organization of the examination, he may go to the blood tests of 4 hospitals, including made the physical examination conclusion of the hospital. But these 4 hospital physical examination report shows that his white blood cells, neutrophils. In this regard, the Guangdong Municipal Bureau of human resources and social Bureau, said the petition, the candidates themselves to designated or non designated medical institutions for medical examination, the physical examination conclusion is invalid for the. 3 medical organizations are unqualified blood Chen Jianzhong in Guangzhou, a high-tech enterprises has been working for 3 years, going back to his hometown, in April this year, participated in the civil service examination in Guangdong province. His post is the Anglo German city of Qingyuan Township institutions, the post recruit 4 people, Chen Jianzhong successfully passed the written examination, interview, in June 24th, he asked to participate in the physical examination in Qingyuan People’s Hospital. The physical examination is not qualified. Qingyuan City People Club Bureau told Chen Jianzhong, his blood in the white blood cells and neutrophils in absolute value does not meet the standard of civil service recruitment examination, Qingyuan People’s Hospital proposal review. In July 5th, according to the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social arrangements, Chen Jianzhong in the Qingyuan People’s Hospital review of blood, these two indicators failed again. Chen Jianzhong physical examination conclusion is not qualified, and ultimately not included in the first two batches of qualified personnel list. Chen Jianzhong objections to the conclusion of the physical examination. In July 18th, the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social arrangements for the review, this time, review hospital in Qingyuan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. However, he still did not pass. Qingyuan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to make a final conclusion of physical examination. July 26th, the Qingyuan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social administration Chen Jianzhong not included in the third batch of qualified personnel list. The three examination failed from the high white blood cell and neutrophil absolute value — Chen Jianzhong said the first examination, his white blood cells called 13.35× 10^9 L, 10.11× 10^9 L of neutrophils;; first, white blood cell 13.33× 10^9 L, 7.87× 10^9 L neutrophils;; second, white 14.74× cells; 10^9 L, 12.06× 10^9 L neutrophils. "Civil service recruitment examination standard (Trial)" in the Implementing Rules on the part of white blood cell disease "neutrophil syndrome" in which white blood cells, the reference value (3.5 ~ 9.5) × 10^9 L, neutrophils are (1.8 ~ 6.3) × 10^9 L. Go to a blood test report, 4 hospitals were qualified Chen Jianzhong strange, from the first examination before, after the last examination, he may go to the blood tests of 4 hospitals, including had failed to make the conclusion of the相关的主题文章:

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