Guoyuan Futures short selling short-term thinking trend of weak soybean meal stellarium

Guoyuan Futures: soybean weak trend in short-term thinking short clients view the latest market fundamentals, a study of 1, the soybean market analysis: domestic soybean production: August July to maintain the predictive value, 201516 annual domestic soybean production was 9 million tons. The government to promote the implementation of sickle area soybean corn rotation, reduce the non dominant corn planting Summer Maize in North China policy, the year 201617 is expected to grow soybeans, soybean acreage increased, the 20162017 annual domestic soybean production is expected to 10 million tons, compared with the previous month to flat. Soybean imports: Monthly Statistics released by the General Administration of Customs show that in 2016 China imported 7 million 750 thousand tons of soybean in July, down by 18.34% over the same period last year. 20152016 years from October to July, the cumulative increase of nearly 5 million tons of imports over the same period last year. According to the forecast of shipping date is expected in August China’s amount of soybeans to Hong Kong is about 7 million 400 thousand tons, in September imports estimated at 7 million 200 thousand tons. Breck expects China’s soybean imports 20152016 tons in, down from last month, 400 thousand tons. In addition, according to the recent data show that the State Reserve soybean auction turnover rate is low, the estimated 201617 annual imports grew by 2 million tons to 85 million tons. Consumption: the total consumption of soybean consumption is expected to reach 12 million 500 thousand tons in, unchanged from last month, the annual consumption of soybean consumption reached 13 million tons in, unchanged from last month. Crush: prospects for 201617 year, the domestic aquaculture industry into the economic expansion period, large-scale capacity expansion is very conducive to the year 201516 is expected to drive demand for protein, soybean crushing capacity of 74 million tons, unchanged from last month, the outlook for the 201617 annual domestic soybean crush is estimated at 77 million 500 thousand tons, up 1 million tons last month. Total domestic consumption: 201516 annual domestic soybean consumption is expected to grow to 89 million 80 thousand tons, unchanged from last month, the outlook for domestic soybean consumption in was 93 million 130 thousand tons, up $1 million last month. Ending stocks and stock consumption ratio: 201516 annual domestic soybean ending stocks is expected to reach 15 million 820 thousand tons, compared with last month, down 400 thousand tons, stock consumption ratio of 17.73%, last month was about 18.18%, 20162017 year ending stocks to 17 million 530 thousand tons, compared with the previous month increased 600 thousand tons, stock consumption ratio was 18.79%, last month was 18.35%. In recent years, the weather conditions in the central and western United States are still good, rainfall and sunshine, is conducive to the critical growth period of soybean crops. The latest report shows that the United States soybean excellent rate of 72%. The excellent and good rate was 30 times higher than that in the same period. Because the South American soybean production this year is far lower than expected, which from July 2016 to December during the South American soybean exports will decline sharply, which requires U.S. soybean exports increased to 37 million tons, an increase of 6 million 400 thousand tons over the previous year. Overall summary.相关的主题文章:

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