Guy 6 years to travel the first time out of the 643 cities with only $217-punyu

Guy 6 years all the 643 city for the first time to go out with just 217 yuan – Beijing, thin body, simple luggage, bear Chen Siyi, who will not get him to travel around the world together. But is this body with a pliable Fujian guy, 6 years, carries the dream, footprints all over the 643 national city. And he is particularly fond of Xi’an, 6 years have come to Xi’an for the 11 time. The first time to go out with only 217 yuan of money at the age of 28 Chen Siyi home in Fujian, Xiapu, a beautiful seaside town. So far, Chen Siyi still clearly remember the first time away from home – January 23, 2010. Prior to that, he was a student at the Fujian Normal University, with a passion for human history and a romantic mood. He loved to write and write poetry. While in school, Chen Siyi likes a girl, but love finally no results. Later, due to physical reasons, Chen Siyi interrupted his studies. After returning home, Chen Siyi live in torment, he had spent 3 months learning flairtending, bored in his mind go out into the world of ideas. January 23, 2010, Chen Siyi left home with 217 yuan in cash, went to the nearest Wenzhou. After 3 days in Wenzhou, he had only $50 left. He has been sent to the local rescue station three times, but the stubborn Chen Siyi refused to accept the rescue, but refused to be sent home. He went to Hangzhou shortly, beginning on the streets, later in the restaurant when the waiter, apprentice, in the bar as a bartender at the bar. However, such a life is not what Chen Siyi wants, he has always had a dream around the world in his mind, and a little savings, he decided to put into action. For the first time to come here in Xi’an, like to leave Hangzhou, Chen Siyi came to Anhui spring, met with a far-reaching influence on him. The nickname "Uncle" around the man is also a man of rich experience, he taught Chen Siyi a lot through knowledge and experience, this strengthened his dream to travel around the world. More than and 20 days later, Chen Siyi with the money earned from work, began his life around. Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan…… All the way to the south, in November 1, 2011, Chen Siyi from Changsha to Xi’an by train. It was the first time he came to Xi’an, Chen Siyi said, he has been longing for Xi’an, like the cultural landscape here, like the food here. After 3 days and nights in Xi’an, Chen Siyi went west, Gansu, Qinghai, and finally to Tibet. Down from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Chen Siyi all the way north into Inner Mongolia, then came to Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan. After Zhengzhou, Chen Siyi continued as a bartender at the bar, with more than 4 months traveled to Henan. After that, he continued all the way to the southeast. Soon, he returned home, this is already in 2012 of June. After 6 years in the city of for about 10 days, Chen Siyi found himself still enjoying his life outside. 10 days later, he left home again. Since then, Chen Siyi has never stopped the pace. North to Mohe County, South to Hainan Island, West to the Pamirs, east to the coast of the Yellow Sea, 6相关的主题文章:

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