Hangzhou has not really fall over the next few days the temperature rose slightly pgd-426

Hangzhou is not a real autumn the next few days, small temperature rise these days sooner or later go on the road, always feel the breeze with cool, blowing in the body is very comfortable. But at noon the sun "probe", and some micro feeling slowly floating up. Today is the twenty-four solar term in the autumnal equinox, but Hangzhou has not yet entered the real autumn, in meteorology, now at the end of summer. But the pace of autumn is getting closer and closer, these days the temperature has gradually cool down trend. According to the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory, from September 18th to yesterday, the average daily temperature in Hangzhou is 24.9 degrees, 22.9 degrees, 22.6 degrees C, 22.5 C. Since it is not out of the "summer", a recent period of time is also not completely natural heat Tuijin, municipal meteorological station said that today has been on the 27 day, the weather will be cloudy. An increase in temperature, the highest temperature 26-27 day will rise to 30 degrees Celsius, midday small hot feeling will come back. But after the autumnal equinox, the northern hemisphere except the day short night into day short night long, the temperature on the obvious feature is the temperature difference between day and night will be more and more, will be more than 10 DEG C. So even if the temperature increases, the minimum temperature is only 22 degrees Celsius -23 degrees, cool will accompany us, the overall feeling is more comfortable. In turn, the temperature is not stable, a little easy to catch a cold. There is a movement we can try, to have a certain effect on the prevention of seasonal influenza, that is – running, running can improve the physical ability to adapt to environmental change, so as to enhance the function of cardiovascular system, causes the body to better adapt to climate change in winter, running can also boost your immunity by increasing your lymphocyte. So take advantage of the good weather during this period, we can hurry up. Because of the good weather may only last until the eve of the national day, thousands of miles away at the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the seventeenth typhoon this year is brewing, according to the analysis on the Sina micro-blog @ Chinese weather enthusiasts, this year’s No. 17 typhoon is expected to officially named on Friday, when its path, intensity and influence will further clear.相关的主题文章:

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