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Heavy pollution weather people street or the tail number limit line control measures Chinese Jilin Reuters reporter Lv Mengyang in November 8th, Changchun jiaoan Traffic Safety Committee held a meeting this winter and next spring. At the meeting, the relevant leaders in 2016 for the overall situation of the city of Changchun, the corresponding summary, but also on the winter traffic safety work, focusing on deployment. In 2016 the city’s designated 9 months to carry out a rectification of road traffic order battle 330 thousand parking spaces in 2016 Changchun City, highlighting remediation 8 key traffic violations, to achieve the 5 target specification. The city, the Development Zone in the city 330 thousand parking spaces, the city’s parking problem is effectively alleviated, road traffic order has been further standardized. Bureau of landscape tree planting vehicle accidents were reported linkage departments, traffic safety management to further enhance the force. Linkage notification and supervision, public security traffic police in a timely manner to the situation of the monthly report to the relevant functional departments, a serious threat to traffic safety, timely notification by the security committee, tracking rectification. The Security Committee of the Bureau of parks and trees planted vehicle accidents were reported on the individual school bus overdue inspection and other illegal activities to report to the education bureau. The traffic police, traffic bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau and other departments jointly guide the county road traffic accident prevention work. City Transportation Bureau, public security traffic police joint county road traffic safety hazards investigation, 54 hidden dangers have been rectification of the 36. Multi sectoral joint investigation of hazardous chemicals enterprises 138 deadline by the end of 10, the use of dynamic monitoring system to investigate violations of the 95, issued a rectification notice of 180 copies. The traffic police, traffic bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Education Bureau and other departments, joint enterprises and school vehicles to carry out safety hazards investigation, investigation of hazardous chemicals enterprises 138, hazardous goods transport vehicles 1173, 964 professional drivers, the hidden troubles of 22. Street units, businesses make clear "the snow in front of the door" at the meeting, the leadership for this winter traffic safety work of the deployment. Effective measures to strengthen the snow, fog and haze extreme weather. To deal with extreme snow weather, the City Meteorological Bureau to timely grasp of the snow weather warning, early warning information to the relevant departments. City sanitation bureau to organize the mechanical snow cleaning vehicles, but also in the district traffic nodes equipped with anti-skid material. The public security department according to the snow weather warning, scientific anticipation may cause impact on road traffic, according to the need to start the appropriate level of extreme weather in the snow level plan, extreme weather, the organization of the police, the Bureau staff to divert traffic police on the road on duty. Municipal departments to patrol the road, may affect the safety of road traffic hidden investigation and rectification. The transport sector should appropriately increase the number of public transport vehicles, frequency, to extend the bus running time. The education department will release information to the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, reduce outdoor activities, try to reduce the school adjustment time, the district government, development zone, street, to organize the community cadres, volunteers set up a team to help boost the civilization, in case of car carts difficult vehicles and, at the same time to organize Street units, businesses do since the Qing dynasty.相关的主题文章:

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