Hero Honda Passion Plus Bike-aquaria

Motorcycles A new bike from the house of Hero Honda .pany, the worlds largest manufacturer of bikes, has arrived in the market with a bang. The bike is provided with the latest technology and is stylish and fashionable in every sense. The Hero Honda passion plus is elegant to look at, yet a very sturdy bike for the Indian roads. The bike has wheels that are black in color with very stylish alloy wheels, and design that is amazingly cool and body colored grip at the bikes rear. You will find the engine to be in .plete black color, which is very rare and a wel.ing change, and if you have a look at the power, it is excellent and sturdy. Many people find it attractive and are in favor to buy bikes of the Hero Honda Passion Plus for its different look given by the .pany, which has two tone colors, the dial which .es in white and a broad pillion grip with mirror similar to the body color. You will see the bright head light of the bike that has tall light with indicators to ensure safety on the road. You will find the passion plus to be very similar to the 100 cc bikes of Hero Honda, though in a modish manner. You will have all the features at an affordable rate. The .pany provides you with six different colors of multicolor designs of the Hero Honda Passion Plus. But people find the black and red bike very attractive and it has stickers on the body with red color, the doom is created in black and the tail red with black stickers. If we look at the other features of the Hero Honda Passion plus, it has a telescopic hydraulic fork in the front and the rear has hydraulic dampers. The rider will find the seat t be very .fortable as it is wide seated and has wide tyre for a safe ride. The bike has a rear grip of aluminum cast and the instrumental panel .es with new dials with broad wheel base for safety. The .pany provides you a big storage space for storing and the locking system is good for the passion plus. Buy bikes from the Hero Honda that has an electrical starter, with a four stroke engine and a single cylinder with a 97.2cc displacement piston, which can be air cooled. The speed is a maximum of 85 kph and tank capacity of 12.8 liters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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