Honda to recall some of the imported cars Acura airbag gas generator

Honda to recall some of the imported cars Acura airbag gas generator flaws in Honda motor (Chinese) Investment Co. to recall some of the imported cars, Acura, Honda motor (Chinese) investment limited to the national quality inspection administration filed a recall plan, recalling paragraph 2007~2015 of TL RL RDX ILX ZDX imports Acura cars from July 31, 2016 onwards, the production date of December 21, 2005 to 2015 03 21 august. According to the company statistics, involving 12019 vehicles in mainland china. The recall range of imported Acura TL RL RDX ILX ZDX automobile, due to supplier problems, the driver’s front airbag in the expansion, the gas generator container may damage, leading to debris flying out, may hurt the car personnel, there are security risks. Honda technology industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will free the airbag generator for replacing the front seat airbag in order to eliminate the defect. Honda motor (Chinese) investment limited or Acura authorized service shop will from now on within 30 days, inform the user of the vehicle within the scope of the recall by letter, telephone and other means, and began in 2016 07 months 31 days for customers free replacement of the driver’s seat front airbag gas generator. Users can call Honda VIP service hotline 800-810-8856 (mobile phone call 400-650-8856) to understand the details of the recall. Users can also visit the website of the inspection and supervision department ( of the AQSIQ, the website of defective product management center (AQSIQDPAC) and the WeChat public information. In addition can also call the defective product management center hotline: 010-59799616 or local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities quality hotline: 12365 (to number 2) reflected in the implementation of activities during the recall problem or defect clues. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

本田召回部分进口讴歌汽车 气囊气体发生器存缺陷   本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司召回部分进口讴歌汽车   日前,本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司向国家质检总局备案了召回计划,将从2016年7月31日起召回部分2007~2015款进口讴歌TL RL RDX ILX ZDX汽车,生产日期为2005年12月21日至2015年03月21日。据该公司统计,在中国大陆地区涉及12019辆。   本次召回范围内的进口讴歌TL RL RDX ILX ZDX汽车由于供应商问题,驾驶席前气囊在展开时,气体发生器容器可能发生损坏,导致碎片飞出,可能伤及车内人员,存在安全隐患。本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司将免费为召回范围内车辆更换驾驶席前气囊气体发生器,以消除该缺陷。   本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司或讴歌特约服务店将自即日起30天内,通过信函、电话等方式通知本次召回范围内车辆的用户,并于2016年07月31日开始为客户免费更换驾驶席前气囊气体发生器。用户可以拨打本田贵宾服务热线800-810-8856(手机拨打400-650-8856)了解本次召回的详细信息。用户也可登陆质检总局网站检验监管司(,缺陷产品管理中心网站()以及关注微信公众号(AQSIQDPAC)了解更多信息。此外也可拨打缺陷产品管理中心热线电话:010-59799616或地方出入境检验检疫机构的质量热线:12365(转2号键)反映在召回活动实施过程中的问题或提交缺陷线索。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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