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College-University The latter part of the 20th century and the 21st century has seen gradual evolution of the business sector in India. Earlier the society had not developed that much with means of .munication being very limited to small regions. So business expansion was very limited with the markets being limited to smaller geographical regions of the country. Industrialization was at the nascent stages and those exited were mostly run by the government .prising the public sector. But gradually with industrialization the private sector constituting of multi national .panies and private owned businesses emerged, forming a major part of the economy. The products and services produced and offered by them were new and so new job opportunities emerged that did not exist earlier. They required skilled labour which was provided by the Business Management College, and Business Management institute. They provided business management course in various fields such as marketing, sales, operations, customer care, brand building etc. Other sectors of the Indian economy also came under the ambit of industrialization which also included agriculture. Agriculture products which were earlier primarily used for consumption were now processed by the agriculture based industries to produce new processed food products. They were also use by other industries like paper industry as raw materials. So the agriculture based industries required trained manpower to maximize the use of agriculture products. Thus the Agriculture institute in India started offering various specialized courses on agriculture such as Agricultural business management, agri management and Agri business management to meet the manpower industry needs. Forward industries based on agriculture also emerged, the most significant being the food industries. They produced new products such as fast food, .plete food, health food, instant food, food supplements etc Thus food management emerged as the new specialized course in demand. The course caters to food management in India providing training to students on various aspects of food products such as preserving, packaging, marketing etc. Thus the abundant Management College India and Business College in India act as a bond between the agriculture and food based industries and the aspiring management graduates who aim to leave a mark in the agriculture and food sector. Business Management in India caters to the management requirements of the businesses at various levels. Every stage of manufacturing from production to distribution requires manpower trained in Business College in India and who has innovative ideas to bring about the best results. After much .petition a few top Management College and Top management institute have emerged in the country which provides the best educational facilities to the budding graduates. They have the best faculties who are doyens of agriculture and food management. So the top management colleges in India and Top Management Institute in India are hubs of research and development in the agriculture based industry sector. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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