HUAWEI P9 rendering exposure five color matching + double lens-demonophobia

HUAWEI P9 rendering exposure: five kinds of color + double lens speaking of recent exposure of the new machine, HUAWEI P9 can be ranked in the top few, very user expectations. Now, users @ buns for exposure more than HUAWEI P9 rendering, the disclosure of the machine will have gold, silver, white, black, pink five body color, double camera, and the use of metal wire drawing design. HUAWEI P9 rendering map, such as rendering, HUAWEI P9’s fuselage is wider, back apart from equipped with dual cameras, but also uses a fingerprint sensor. In addition, we found that HUAWEI P9 uses a dual flash, its position is special, with the main lens juxtaposed emissions. HUAWEI P9 rendering graphics, HUAWEI P9 volume keys and power keys are designed on the side of the fuselage, its front design and nothing new, still below the screen printed on HUAWEI’s letter logo. Combined with the previous bid, HUAWEI P9 will be equipped with kylin 955 processor, front 8 million camera self timer, rear 12 million pixels dual camera (for color and black and white outline), equipped with 2900mAh battery and USB Type-C interface, with the Standard Version (DDR3 flash) and high Version (DDR4 flash). HUAWEI P9 rendering map allegedly, HUAWEI P9 will be divided into different models, their names are HUAWEI P9 Youth Edition, HUAWEI P9 Standard Version, HUAWEI P9 Max and HUAWEI P9 enhanced version, will be listed in mid March.

华为P9渲染图曝光:五种配色+双镜头   说起近期曝光的新机,华为P9可以排在前几位,很受用户期待。现在,网友@包子玩机曝光了多张华为P9的渲染图,披露该机将拥有金、白、银、黑、粉五种机身配色,采用双摄像头,并使用了金属拉丝设计。 华为P9渲染图   如渲染图所示,华为P9的的机身较宽,背部除了配备双摄像头之外,还采用了指纹识别传感器。另外,我们发现,华为P9使用了双闪光灯,其位置比较特别,与主镜头并列排放。 华为P9渲染图   华为P9的音量键和电源键都设计在机身一侧,其正面设计并没有什么新奇之处,依旧在屏幕下方印上了华为的字母logo。   结合之前的爆料,华为P9将搭载麒麟955处理器,前置800万自拍镜头,后置1200万像素双镜头(分别负责色彩和黑白轮廓),配备2900mAh电池和USB Type-C接口,拥有标配版(内置DDR3闪存)和高配版(内置DDR4闪存)。 华为P9渲染图   据称,华为P9还将分为不同的型号,它们的命名分别为华为P9青春版、华为P9标准版、华为P9 Max和华为P9增强版,将于3月中旬上市。相关的主题文章:

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