Hubei to support the introduction of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship policy three years to support hun

Hubei to support the introduction of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship policy in the past three years to support hundreds of entrepreneurs, according to Taiwan media disclosure of recent data, Taiwan 20 years old to 49 year-old young adults, with over half of that employment in the mainland’s salary and development, better than Taiwan, nearly 13 of the 20 to 39 year olds said, will choose to work on the mainland. Reporter recently learned from the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office: there are more than 600 schools in our province, Taiwan youth employment and entrepreneurship, Hubei became Taiwan students and other residents of Taiwan in one of the 6 pilot provinces of mainland employment. But Chu Youcai, through colleges and universities gathered in Hubei, every year attracts more than 500 Taiwan students to come to school, and I also from the beginning of last year, Hubei sent more than 500 students to pursue a degree, they went into the classroom to become each other each other, some classmates and friends, some still married. Hubei held the 13 cross-strait students in Taiwan for sports, students up to 2500 people. Since 2012, the "Golden Swallow" cross strait micro film contest has been held for three sessions. 1994, Wuhan Chu cup for the first time into Taiwan, in 2015 more than 25 thousand students participating in Taiwan, this year is a breakthrough of more than 30 thousand people. In July 2015, Taiwan prize winning students came to China to attend the award ceremony. This year, the Taiwan joint cup essay competition for the first time into Wuhan, and hand in hand, Chu cup, the formation of a sister event. The students on both sides, through mutual consultations, promote each other for auld lang syne, the continuity of the family. Pioneering achievements dream of fertile soil, Wu Zhirong, a Wuhan company CEO, mainly to do his business science education program for teens, Taiwan 2/3 School of cooperation with them and courses. 2012, Wu Zhirong came to Shanghai with a team to set up the company. May 2014, Wuhan Strait youth entrepreneurship Park was established, which is the first Taiwan youth business incubator for the. Venture Park was established in the month, the relevant person in charge of the East and West Lake Taiwan Yuan Chi University visits, inviting Wu Zhirong and the team to Han development. Wuhan convenient transportation, convenient for us to send teachers and courses throughout the country; at the same time a large number of colleges and universities, intellectual resources intensive, there is a good teacher." Wu Zhirong said, Wuhan profound cultural background, unique geographical location, and entrepreneurial costs lower than in Shanghai, the development of space, the second half of 2014, the team decided to move the headquarters to Wuhan. According to reports, the East and West Lake District has introduced ten preferential policies to support young entrepreneurs in Taiwan, and according to the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship, life needs, to create a unique community of Taiwan. District government arranged a special fund for the Taiwan youth housing subsidies, start-up funds and investment promotion and other costs. Currently, the Dongxihu Strait youth entrepreneurship Park has nearly 30 teams settled in Taiwan, entrepreneurial projects covering cultural and creative, biotechnology, producer services, management consulting and other fields. Is to promote the three years to support hundreds of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship program, will help more young people dream of success. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章:

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