Hugo Chavez Reaches Out To Silence Web

UnCategorized Hugo Chavez, the socialist dictator of Venezuela, has reached out to silence some of his critics on a web forum. In the United States and in most of the civilized world, politicians ignore web forums. Chavez is a bit too power hungry for that. A couple of posters to Noticiero Digital spread some obnoxious and most likely untrue rumors regarding Chavez. Chavez then threatened Noticiero Digital and forced them to delete the posts he didn’t like and posters who had spread the rumors. So much for free speech in the people’s paradise of Venezuela. Threats from Chavez are far from harmless. Chavez has shut down numerous TV and radio stations which failed to toe his party line. He is threatening to shut down Noticiero Digital now. But "legal" threats are not the extent of the terror. When Chavez became unhappy with Noticiero Digital editor Roger Santodomingo in 2007, Roger’s seven year old son was threatened and Roger’s car was blown up outside his home. Roger quit his job to at Noticiero Digital to protect his family. Chavez recently stated "The Internet can’t be something free where anything can be done and said." No Hugo, the Internet can be free. The Internet will be around long after your two-bit dictatorship is history. Noticiero Digital responded by posting a statement that Chavez’s .ments are "a serious threat against freedom of expression, threats that are increasingly frequent in Venezuela, affecting radio stations, the press and now – Internet." However, their public bluster was ac.panied by .plete acquiescence Chavez’s demands. We’ve pointed out similar abuses in Hugo Chavez Hates Twitter and Chavez Critics Silenced in Venezuela. The people of Venezuela are suffering, but I must be clear with them that we will not help them. The current U.S. administration shares Chavez’s socialist ideals and also shares his disdain for the will of the people. If the people of Venezuela are going to achieve the joy of freedom, it will be by their own hands and with their own blood. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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