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India will ban the offer surrogacy services for foreigners [global network Roundup] according to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" reported on February 5th, the India government banned earlier single or gay people use surrogacy services in local, in October last year banned foreign couples hire India women in contemporary female. The authorities are now trying to legislate for the use of surrogacy services only by married couples in India and by the government as persons of India origin. The 28 year old India woman is an illiterate. Susie stayed in Sanur, before 14 years of marriage has dropped out of school. After having two children, he worked as a rock breaker at the construction site, earning a few dollars a day, and that was her only job. According to the India Tribune, until a woman accosted her and introduced a job that could earn 6000 dollars a year, her life changed a lot. The job is to her mother’s birth, contemporary. For her, the job was so generous that she and her husband couldn’t resist it. The first time she is a contemporary female, and she gave birth to a foreign couple never met a white baby. Three years later, in view of the fact that her children’s tuition was getting bigger and bigger, she decided to be contemporary again. Sanur is six months pregnant now. She said, "I didn’t read books, I had no job skills, and I had no choice for life." At present, the fee for surrogacy service in India varies from 15 thousand dollars to 20 thousand dollars, which is only one tenth of the fees collected by some clinics in California. The local India has thousands of poor women as a surrogate mother, for a better life, therefore encouraged a lot of foreign couples with fertility problems to come to India to use their services. India has low local medical costs, backward regulation, and a large number of women willing to be contemporary mothers, triggering social concerns, fearing that doctors may be involved in corruption or other misconduct. For this reason, the government of India has recently introduced measures to tighten commercial surrogacy services. The authorities are now trying to legislate for the use of surrogacy services only by married couples in India and by the government as persons of India origin. The proposed legislation prohibits women from providing surrogacy services for many times, and prohibits their mothers after the age of 35. The law remains to be passed by congress. Medical groups estimate that the surrogacy industry brings hundreds of millions of dollars of income to India each year. 20 years ago, India is the first successful birth mother, let people think that medical technology is an emerging sector profitable, so offer surrogacy services such as clinics will appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, resulting in the number of even the government can not know this kind of domestic clinic, it is impossible to know in how many babies are born by surrogate mothers the. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

印度拟立法禁止为外国人提供代孕服务   【环球网综合报道】据香港《南华早报》2月5日报道,继印度政府早前禁止单身或同性恋人士在当地使用代孕服务后,去年10月又禁止外国夫妇聘用印度妇女当代母。当局现在更试图立法,规定只有印度已婚夫妇及经政府确认为印度裔人士才可以使用代孕服务。   现年28岁的印度妇人苏西拉.萨努尔是个文盲,14 岁结婚之前已经辍学。生下两个孩子之后,便一直在建筑工地当碎石工人,每天赚取数美元收入,而这也是她唯一一份工作。   据印度《新闻论坛报》,直至一名妇人有一次向她搭讪,并推介一份每次可以赚取6000美元酬劳的工作之后,她的生活从此就出现了很大变化。 这份工作是要她当代母、替人产子。对她来说,这份工作的酬劳实在太丰厚了,她和丈夫都无法抗拒。   她第一次当代母,是为一对和她素未谋面的外国夫妇诞下一个白皮肤的宝宝。三年后,鉴于自己孩子的学费开支愈来愈大,她决定再次当代母。 萨努尔目前已怀孕六个月。她说:“我没读过书,没有工作技能,为了生活没有选择。”   目前,印度的代孕服务每次收费从1.5万美元到2万美元不等,仅为美国加州部份诊所收取的十分一。 印度当地有数千个贫穷妇女当上了代母,为的是改善生活,因此鼓励了不少有生育问题的外国夫妇前来印度使用她们的服务。印度当地医疗费用较低,监管落后,加上大量妇女甘愿当代母,触发社会人士忧虑,他们担心有医生为此贪污或涉及其他不当行为。基于这个理由,印度政府最近推出措施,以收紧商业代母服务。   当局现在更试图立法,规定只有印度已婚夫妇及经政府确认为印度裔人士才可以使用代孕服务。有关法案建议禁止妇女多次提供代孕服务,同时也禁止她们在35岁之后当代母。这个案法仍有待国会通过。   有医疗团体估计,代孕这个行业每年为印度带来数亿美元的收入。 20年前印度有首名代母产子成功,让人以为医学科技是一门有利可图的新兴行业,于是提供代孕服务的诊所便如雨后春笋般出现,致使目前连政府都无法得知国内这类诊所的数目,也无法知道国内有多少婴儿是由代母所生的。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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