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IPhone7 just   Apple traced in Israel’s secret development of iPhone  8– Guizhou channel — people.com.cn original title: iPhone7 just out of Apple traced in Israel’s secret development of iPhone 8 according to foreign media reported on September 28th, an employee of the Apple Corp said, apple is Israeli office development plans in the next release of the iPhone 8 hardware part. It is said that the design of iPhone 8 will change dramatically. The Israeli Ministry of economic affairs chief scientist avi Hassan? (Avi Hasson) said, almost every one of the big Silicon Valley technology companies have set up offices in Israel, and that Israel is "the source of innovation". Apple four years ago in Herzliya set up offices, the office is located 15 kilometers north of downtown Tel Aviv, with approximately 800 employees, is the apple in second research institutions in the world, mainly for Apple development such as chip, memory, camera and wireless technology products such as hardware. An apple employee said, they can not disclose apple in the relevant circumstances but one from Herzliya, Herzliya office staff said he has firm friends at Apple and they are engaged in office work, hardware products and related work. In addition, according to a local Apple employees revealed that apple is making some of the hardware iPhone Herzliya office 8 part. The staff also said that Israeli employees wanted to make all the new Apple products, but apple did not assemble products in israel. The employee did not disclose too much about the details of Apple’s new mobile phone, but claimed that the new version of iPhone 8 was different from iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. IPhone 8 configuration camera is better than iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. At present, the details of iPhone 8 mobile phones are still rare, but some reports believe that iPhone 8 will be configured with borderless display screen, so there is no need to have the top and bottom of the frame. Previous iPhone have these borders, and these borders also set the fingerprint sensor and front camera and other functions. In response to the news, Apple Corp spokesman said that Apple Corp had never commented on rumors and speculation. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing) iPhone7刚出 苹果被曝在以色列秘密开发iPhone 8–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:iPhone7刚出 苹果被曝在以色列秘密开发iPhone 8 据外媒9月28日报道,苹果公司一位员工透露,苹果正在以色列办事处开发计划于明年发布的iPhone 8的硬件部分。据称,iPhone 8的设计将会有大幅改变。 以色列经济部首席科学家阿维?哈桑(Avi Hasson)说,几乎每一家硅谷大科技公司都在以色列设立了办事处,并称以色列是“创新源泉”。苹果四年前就在以色列荷兹利亚设立了办事处,该办事处位于特拉维夫市中心北部15公里的地方,约有800名员工,是苹果在全球的第二大研发机构,主要为苹果开发诸如芯片、存储器、摄像头以及无线技术产品之类的硬件。 苹果一员工表示,他们“不能”透露苹果在荷兹利亚的相关情况,但一位来自荷兹利亚思科办事处的员工表示他有三位朋友在苹果办事处工作且,他们都从事硬件产品相关的工作。此外,据当地一位苹果员工透露,苹果荷兹利亚办事处正在制作iPhone 8的一些硬件部分。该员工还表示,以色列的员工要制作苹果所有的新产品,但苹果并不在以色列组装产品。该员工没有过多地透露苹果新手机的详情,只是声称新版iPhone 8与iPhone 6s和iPhone 7都不一样。iPhone 8配置的摄像头比iPhone 6s和iPhone 7的都要好。 目前,有关iPhone 8手机的详情报道仍是凤毛麟角,不过,一些报道认为,iPhone 8将配置无边框设计的显示屏,因此也不需要有顶端和底端的边框。此前的iPhone都有这些边框,而且这些边框上还设置了指纹传感器和前置摄像头等功能。 针对上述消息,苹果公司发言人声称,苹果公司从来不对传闻和猜测置评。 (责编:高华(实习生)、陈康清)相关的主题文章:

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