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Software The logistics industry is on a go and to form a seamless pattern in international arena, IT is being hugely adopted to benefit the sector Logistics is a complex activity that involves strategic planning, producing and monitoring flows of goods and information. To carry out these jobs, a logistic service provider needs to understand and conceive business processes. Logistics is much more than delivery of goods or freight management. An organization needs logistics support in stages like production planning, material acquiring, product assembling and delivery of the finished item. In logistics it is essential to ensure that goods reach the destination from the point of origin in the right condition, at the right time and in the right place at minimum cost. The role of IT Today, it is not sufficient being a low cost service provider to win businesses. Customers expect advanced and customized solutions from their LSPs than just low price. Becoming a technology-driven company is not only the key to winning new contracts; it must also promote stronger client partnerships, which is a harder competition to overcome. By adopting technology and eliminating disparate systems logistic companies are able to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Enterprise logistic solutions Technology solutions were limited in the past and often compelled companies to use different solutions for each of their operations. However, with the evolution of the Web technology, centralized solutions can now provide an integrated picture of the logistics operations across enterprise. Furthermore if a company integrates its systems and processes, they can make intelligent decisions based on market needs and changes. Numerous logistics companies are missing out on opportunities by not integrating their logistics operations and systems with an enterprise solution. They fail to realize that by creating a common backbone, they can create a planning, execution and visibility layer between their various operations, thereby eliminating the information islands. Islands of information A number of logistics service providers Freight Forwarders today use multiple applications across facilities that plan and execute locally. The use of independent technology solutions and reporting structures for various business operations creates islands of information with no communication between them. The major drawback in having independent systems that are islands of information is that the process of gathering and interpreting data takes valuable time. This affords no window of opportunity for foreseeing or resolving issues that arise. Users are required to dig into the assorted islands of information and piece them together in order to get a complete picture of all the different legs of the shipments and to identify their exact status. It means that by the time the information on shipment is pieced together, it is too late to perform any action to resolve the issues at hand. Thus, it would be difficult for a to manage the supply chain operations without adopting a Single ERP Software for planning, executing, and sharing information across facilities Summation What logistics companies need to understand is that in order to deliver optimal results they will need to adopt an enterprise class solution. With the availability of freight forwarding software like Softlinks Logi-Sys, it is now possible to streamline and integrate the entire operations of a logistics company. The objective here is to draw together all the activities under a single umbrella while providing acceptable return on investment. For example, in the case of a warehouse the LSP can define his objective to be cutting down on inventory holding cost, shortage and backlogs. For a delivery operation the objective would be to minimize the cost of fuel and maintenance and the cost of labor. Enterprise class solution may not be cheap but it is the simplest way for companies to significantly reduce their costs and improve their performance and become more competitive. Accurate and timely propagation of data reduces cost of logistics operations and optimization by helping make informed decisions. Amit Maheshwari, founder and CEO of Softlink Logistic Systems, a Mumbai-based leading IT solutions provider to logistics companies About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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