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Jiaozuo woman in love with her boyfriend for more than two years did not think lover was worth living in Jiaozuo Qinyang daughter Mandy (a pseudonym), when playing the game met a "man", two people after a period of time, "the man claiming to work in the field, but also a woman fell in love. Soon, Xiaomin feel cheated, so the alarm. Can make her never thought is, and she has been dating for more than two years, "boyfriend" unexpectedly…… 29 year old Xiao who lives in a village in Chongyi town of Qinyang city. 2013, Mandy in the game to know a man called Wang Zhe’s man, followed by the two plus QQ. In the conversation, Mandy thought Wang Zheren was fine. Soon, Mandy went to Zhengzhou and Wang Zhe met. After the meeting, Mandy Wang Zhe impression is very good, the two began to associate. Mandy said, Wang Zhe told her father, mining in Jiangsu Yixing, in Beijing to buy himself a set of 400 square meters of housing and a set of 300 square meters of the dressing room. As time goes by, two people’s feelings quickly warming, falling in love. 2014, April, Wang Zhe told Mandy, his father is ready to go to Qinyang during May Day, want to see Mandy’s parents, about two people engaged and married. However, when Mandy will be ready for everything, Wang Zhe said his father because of mine accident, can not come. At that time, Mandy although some unhappy, but did not perceive what is wrong. 2014, December, Wang said that the idea of the transfer of the house of Beijing, but his father’s mine because of the accident temporarily take money. At that time, Wang Zhexin vowed that the property will be transferred to Mandy’s name. Before leaving Wang Zhe, Mandy’s mother gave Wang Zhe 9000 dollars. A week later, Wang Zhe returned to Qinyang, and get back to a real estate license, the owner of the house was a small column name. Little sensitive to this conviction. May 2016, Wang Zhe said he would go to work in Sichuan, once again to Xiaomin ask for 3000 yuan. Although far apart, Mandy still often buy some food sent to Wang Zhe. Once, Wang Zhe said on the phone, there is no meaning to live, want to end their lives as soon as possible. This let Xiaomin very anxious, she hastened to call the Sichuan police phone alarm, hope the police can quickly find Wang Zhe, to prevent him from doing stupid things. When the Sichuan police arrived at Wang Zhe’s address, but only a girl, the girl called Wang Zhe is my boyfriend, because Wang Zhe lazy, you have to break up with him. The police will be feedback to Mandy, Mandy feel cheated, so to Qinyang police alarm. Subsequently, the Qinyang police arrested Wang Zhe. Can never thought is that, in the verification of the identity of Wang Zhe, the police found that the real name of the name of Wang Yu, Wang Zhe, was a daughter. According to Wang Yu confession, she likes to wear boys clothes. When she was working in Zhengzhou, she always dressed up as a boy. In Xiaomin and get along with that period of time, she said that he had been injured, always try to avoid sensitive and sensitive skin. And although there are small doubts, but that may be the other side of the more traditional, so there is no thought, eventually led to the occurrence of this farce. Wang Zhe was arrested, truthfully confessed his crime. In two people get along more than two years.相关的主题文章:

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