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Ji’nan ten thousand kilograms of fish released attracted nearly 100 people to catch a 10 yuan to sell 15 in the morning, a dozen people bought a fishmonger vehicle fish, about 1000 pounds, arrived in the Yellow River on the release of Luokou pontoon. The upstream side release, and in hundreds of meters away downstream, hundreds of people started fishing, fishing to fish turned by the villagers as the Yellow River carp sold around the tourists. On the morning of this team has released three or four. 9, on the east side of the Yellow River Luokou pontoon, and a big carp, falling from a tricycle hopper to the Yellow River. The bucket stood a man, together with the body by more than ten people, continue to release fish in the Yellow River. Ask that, this is a team of a dozen people released, the monthly lunar new year, fifteen, they will use a free way to do good things, today is the Mid Autumn Festival, so early in the morning they came to the Yellow River, ready to release. They bought a fishmonger a whole fish, and fish monger drove to the river, direct release. According to the site of a free person, this time they released a total of more than 1 thousand pounds of fish, the fish is not only the common carp, crucian carp, snakehead, catfish and other big 35 pounds, small also have more than a pound. The release team constantly released fish in the upstream and downstream in the meters on both sides of the river have hundreds of people fishing team. Most of them wear pant, hand bag, some also took the harpoon, by way of casting, a network can catch six or seven. Even a man with only a creel, also caught two. Just release the fish, it was captured. In this regard, released and how to see it? This is our own thing, but after the other people to do so, although we are uncomfortable, but there is no way to. A release said. Fishermen also have their own argument, one of the villagers living around said, too much sediment in the Yellow River, generally farmed fish is difficult to adapt to the water here, difficult to survive. Anyway, can not live, we might as well give us a little economic income. When the Mid Autumn Festival, many people go to the Yellow River to play, so some fishermen simply sit as a street vendor. The Yellow River carp, a small 10 dollars a. A fishermen selling said that the supermarket is six or seven dollars a pound, really not expensive. The fish just down the river, hit a roll into a carp in the Yellow River, a number of outsiders do not really know the truth. Source: Ji’nan times相关的主题文章:

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