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Mobile-Cell-Phone In this age of technology, mobile phones .e in two varieties: a standard mobile phone and smartphones. While you certainly know what a mobile phone is, the term "smartphone" may not be as .mon. If you are unaware of what a smartphone is, you may be wondering "How smart are these phones?" The easy answer to this question is that they are very smart. These phones can be used for standard phone calls, just like mobile phones, but also have the ability to perform many other tasks that will make your life much more convenient. Instead of thinking of a smartphone as a standard phone, it’s better to consider them as a portable .puter that can also make phone calls. The most popular feature of a smartphone is its ability to access the Internet wirelessly, either through your cell phone provider’s 3G or 4G service or a Wi-Fi connection. This feature is truly what makes a smartphone so smart, as you can access many of the same websites and online services that you receive from a .puter with a standard Internet connection. You can .municate with friends on social networking websites and even share photos and videos captured with your smartphone camera without having to connect the device to a .puter. Also, the Internet capabilities can make your smartphone even smarter when you download and install apps for your phone. Apps are essentially programs that allow your phone to ac.plish additional tasks, apart from the pre-installed features. Thousands of apps are available for all smartphone brands and include access to streaming audio and video, games, productivity tools and many other features. By installing apps, you can customize your smartphone to your own preferences and needs. However, it is worth noting that smartphone apps may require an additional fee to download, though there are also many available for free. Another convenient feature of Android smartphones that proves just how smart these devices can be is the implementation of a global positioning system (GPS). By including this feature, your phone can know your exact location, which is convenient for users who are also frequent travellers. You can use a navigation application on a smartphone in the same way that a standalone GPS navigation device for your car works. By using a smartphone, you can avoid having to purchase a GPS and also the charges for map updates, as the GPS application on your smartphone will update as a part of your service provider’s standard phone updates. Just like a smartphone taking over the use of owning a GPS device, the phone can also replace a portable music player. MP3s can be loaded and downloaded on to the internal memory of a smartphone and played just like a standard MP3 player. There are many other reasons that a smartphone is considered smart, but it’s most important to realize that they are just as smart and powerful as a standard .puter, but fit in the palm of your hand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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