Lady-killer line number 1 is disgusting scene netizens angrily exposure (video) footman

Lady-killer line number 1 is disgusting scene netizens angrily exposure in September 18th, people exposure on the site: lady-killer make disgusting behavior in the subway line, the "187136" witnessed the incident scene, and its exposure. This caused the sustained attention of users. At noon on September 19th, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted friends "187136" zhao. She said: "just before the news or TV to see a similar event, but did not expect to happen to me, that moment I was scared silly." 8 September 18th morning, Zhao on the way to work, a scene witnessed the incident. "Because I was sitting in the car, relatively easy to see the situation." Her own memories, looked up, saw the dirty dirty scene: a man 30 years old, "cleanly dressed", made indecent behavior of a female passenger. Although abhorrence of this behavior, but for the first time. But I do not know what to do. Panic, Zhao trembling took inside the scene. Zhao took the photo shows: in dense people, a man dressed in black trousers do some indecent action, seems ready to pull down or pull the zipper, "oil road station, the wretched man (lady-killer) get off." Xiao Zhao came back, only to see the female passengers talking about her situation. The woman said he does feel that man be frightened and change color to rub her, but thought it was more crowded, did not expect to be sick boy. Later, Zhao very regret: "why didn’t the video and then promptly told the female passengers, and let the guy run away!" Here, Xiao Zhao also reminded the majority of female friends, to stay an eye, to prevent the infringement. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article Chongqing Kaixian videotaping women go to the toilet all together capture lady-killer

色狼1号线上现恶心一幕 网友愤而曝光9月18日,有人在网站上曝光:有色狼在地铁一号线做出恶心行为,网友“187136”目击了事发一幕,愤而将其曝光。此事引发了网友的持续关注。9月19日中午,上游新闻-重庆晨报记者联系上网友“187136”小赵。她说:“以前只在新闻或者电视里看到过类似事件,没想到却发生在了我身边,那一刻我都吓傻了。”9月18日早晨8点过,小赵在上班路上目睹了事发的一幕。“由于我是坐着的,相对容易看清楚车内的情形。”她回忆,自己一抬头,竟然看到肮脏龌龊不堪的一幕:一名30岁出头的成年男子,“穿得干干净净的”,对一名女乘客做出不雅行为。虽然对这种行为深恶痛绝,但第一次碰上却不知如何是好。慌乱之中,小赵颤抖着拍下了车厢内的一幕。小赵拍下的照片显示:在密集的人中,一黑衣黑裤男子做着某种不雅动作,似乎准备拉下或拉起裤子拉链,“到石油路站时,猥琐男(色狼)下车了。”小赵回过神来,才跟女乘客说起她所见到的情形。女乘客大惊失色说自己确实感觉那个男的在蹭她,但以为只是人多比较挤,没想到会是变态男。事后,小赵十分后悔:“为什么当时没有录像然后及时告诉女乘客,而让那个变态逃跑!”在此,小赵也提醒广大女性朋友,要多留一个心眼,以防被侵犯。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 重庆开县 偷拍女子如厕 众人合力擒色狼相关的主题文章:

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