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Lawyers into the hospital as a legal adviser medical disputes fell by nearly 60% – the core of reading in Hubei, Lichuan, the city’s medical institutions have hired all the lawyers. Its function is to standardize the medical behavior; two is to solve the medical dispute to the legal track; the other is to make the legal examination of the medical institutions and the relevant departments of the decision-making of the three. The lawyer’s position, is the middle of the doctor and patient, respect for the facts, fairness. Lawyers into the hospital for two years, Lichuan city public security organs involved in medical disputes, down nearly 60%. "Once the" medical major ‘, now has two consecutive years without a medical dispute." In Lichuan City, Hubei province Moudao Town Center Hospital, Dean Chen Mingxing lamented, two years ago, hired a lawyer in the hospital as a legal adviser, had no medical disputes. Not only in the town of Moudao, now in Lichuan City, all medical institutions have hired a lawyer. Liu Desheng, director of the Lichuan Municipal Health Bureau, the city’s public security organs involved in the past two years, medical disputes fell by nearly 60%. In early 2015, Lichuan, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture began to implement this practice in the state. A lawyer as a consultant doctor to follow law in August, visitors came to Moudao summer, this is the season when hospitals are most busy. 4 doctors, a day reception capacity can reach 400 people. "Lao Chen, the courtyard has a medical dispute?" Zhu Yaopu, a legal adviser to the hospital, will come every few days. Time back to 3 years ago, Chen Mingxing to Moudao hospital office. "Just to the office, would be notified to the Lichuan Municipal People’s court respondent. After two consecutive months, basically nothing to do, that is, the hospital, the two courts run." Chen Mingxing said he was vice president of the business, has become a specialized treatment of medical disputes, the defendant". Since 1992 will be working in the hospital Moudao Huang Jing and introduced after 2008 to carry out the NCMS, hospital patients increased, disputes also increases. Especially after the field summer influx of tourists, medical resources are stretched hospitals each year, the size of medical disputes is around 20. There are several scenes out of control, the local government even dispatched special police to maintain order. With the medical incidents occurred in November 2013, let Chen Mingxing realize the importance of law. At that time, the town of Starlight Village, a villager in the village health room after the infusion of serious discomfort, the request of the hospital for treatment, but the ambulance has not yet arrived at the hospital, the patient stopped breathing. Family members of patients in a hospital from the hall, claiming to not lose millions of dollars do not give up. The survey found that the patients drink liquor, injection of injection in the day before yesterday afternoon after playing mahjong, unwell and because the rescue is not timely and had an accident. Two forensic identification, the hospital has no responsibility. Under the leadership of the hospital, the medical dispute quickly entered the judicial process. "Before the hospital encountered medical trouble, mostly take the early treatment for many. Only then, I tasted the sweetness of the rule of law." Chen Mingxing said. The second half of 2014, the law of heat off the "Moudao hospital". The hospital has a lawyer who is a perennial legal adviser; all medical personnel follow each year相关的主题文章:

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