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"Legend" and hit Li Jian said the most important role of true to life – Sohu Li Jian stills Sohu entertainment entertainment news the day before, in the legendary drama "My Concubine" and her legend is Hebei TV broadcast fiery, the play by director Tao Qiupu, the strength of sending Yan Yuanlijian, starring Yan Danchen, tells the story of a Qingdao times the legends of the past years for the audience. As the drama broadcast on more than half of Li Jian’s Han Zhijie continue to smoke powder, in last night’s brother killed the story of many users refer to: "Zhijie gas! Must hold on!" Starred in "spirit" "family reunion dinner" "dart door" and other hit series the power to send Yan Yuanlijian, by virtue of their solid performance skills, accurate interpretation of the many and varied audience favorite characters. In the TV drama "My Concubine" and her legend he again used his efforts to explain a set of handsome idol and blood hero together the characters for the audience, which Li Jian himself had said: "the role of" manage ", but from the point of view of the response of the audience, but to shape the very successful." In addition, the character of Han Zhijie Li Jian for the right scale is in place, through their own understanding of the role of mutual integration and described in the script character, accurate interpretation of the meaning of the war hero. In recent years, starring Li Jian, whether it is the era of drama or modern drama, which plays every role has its own unique understanding of the role, will be integrated into their views and feelings for the role. Li Jian said: "I have to figure out the characters and lines to show more true to life characters, character vivid, natural audience will want to see."相关的主题文章:

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