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Liangshan stone smashed car on a family of three dead or alive (Figure) (figure according to friends) according to friends broke the news, 13 PM to 6 am, in the state of Liangshan (micro-blog) small river Puge county territory (small names) a section of a car in the traffic, a boulder mountain rolled on the hit, causing the car fatalities. 13 evening 8:30, Chengdu daily client reporter learned from relevant departments, due to rainfall weather in recent days, Puge County G248 (formerly highway 212) at 50KM (small names small river), landslides, causing traffic disruption. 6 pm this afternoon, the repair personnel in cleaning road landslide, rolling stones, began to release the vehicle. When a Sichuan W17xxx pictures of Mazda cars passing through the road, a boulder rolled down from the mountain, hit the roof of the car, the car is almost the size of "stone, severe deformation of car smashed." Reporters learned that there was a car at the time of three, two adults, a child. After the incident, Puge County related departments to the scene to rescue. According to the relevant department personnel, the car has died, is currently in contact with their families. Specific death toll, the reporter is further verification. It is understood that the recent small channel river road landslide occurred repeatedly, please pay attention to the safety of vehicles passing through the road section. Chengdu Daily reporter Jiang Long client editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading heaven stones smashed cars fire rescue injured

凉山滚石砸扁轿车 车上一家三口生死未卜(图)(图据网友)据网友爆料,13日下午6时许,在凉山州(微博)普格县境内的小槽河(小地名)的一路段,一辆小轿车在通行时,被山上滚落的一块巨石砸中,造成车上有人员死亡。13日晚8点30分,成都商报客户端记者从相关部门获悉,由于连日的降雨天气影响,普格县G248(原省道212)50KM处(小地名小槽河),发生山体滑坡,造成交通中断。今日下午6时许,抢修人员在清理路面滑坡滚石后,开始对车辆放行。当一辆川W17xxx拍照的马自达轿车途经该路段时,一块巨石从山上滚落下来,砸中轿车车顶,“巨石差不多有车子大小,车子都被砸的严重变形。”记者获悉,当时车上有一家三口,两个大人,一个小孩。事发后,普格县相关部门前往现场救援。据有关部门人员介绍,车上有人员死亡,目前正在联系其家属。具体死亡人数,记者正在进一步核实中。据了解,最近小槽河路段多次发生山体滑坡,请经过该路段的车辆注意安全。成都商报客户端记者 江龙编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 天降滚石砸车 消防救援伤者相关的主题文章:

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