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Look at this round of market regulation — Chongqing channel — people.com.cn for nearly a period of time some hot city property market continued high fever, national day and the National Day period, Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other nine city launched the real estate market regulation policy, or issued a purchase risk warning. During the national day, the Ministry of housing has also been a number of alleged illegal sales, malicious propaganda hype, serious disruption to the real estate market order and other acts of real estate development companies and intermediaries exposure warning. According to Caixin reported that the afternoon of October 12th, the central bank called the 5 state-owned big firms and 12 joint-stock bank executives and loan balance, general manager, held a meeting to convey the housing credit of commercial banks, real estate regulation of the spirit of the meeting. The central bank requires commercial banks to treat the property market, strengthen the credit structure adjustment, strengthen the management of housing credit, control the risk of related loans. Data show that the first half of 2016 new RMB Loans 7 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which 2 trillion and 300 billion yuan to purchase loans, accounting for 31% of the new RMB loans, plus 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan to invest in real estate development loans, new loans accounted for about 15%, the first half of the new loans, about 46% is to invest in the real estate market. This round of real estate regulation policy is effective, one of the variables is the credit policy. Now, the property market "mad cow", the regulatory authorities to strengthen the housing choice of financial macro Prudential management. According to Caixin reported, regulators will strengthen the mechanism of housing finance business of financial supervision and inspection, to strengthen the banking self-discipline mechanism guidance, strengthen macro Prudential assessment (MPA) constraints, constraints to commercial bank credit to the property market. Authoritative experts in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, said many of the common features of the property market regulation and control policies are in order to curb speculative investment demand, curb the rapid rise in housing prices, stabilize the real estate market. In the face of the real estate market is becoming more and more divided, the government should increase the supply of land, stabilize market expectations, the real estate regulation must adhere to the classification of guidance, because the city planning.相关的主题文章:

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