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"Love forever" 9.8 independent broadcast   open emotional Comedy — a new model of entertainment channel — directed by Liu Xin, the famous actor Liu Tao, Kaili Zhang, Huang Jue, Han Tongsheng, Ye Zuxin and other co starred in the city emotional drama "love forever" will be held September 8th 24:00 music video of the whole network exclusive broadcast. Recently exposed series countdown poster, three pairs of CP appeared one by one, the music video school season to create emotional comedy, please look forward to. "Love wanwansui" countdown poster exposure to humorous "love" "love forever" the imminent launch of September 8th, the music video of the whole network independent broadcast, hot line, three countdown poster also be exposed. Are Liu Tao, Huang Jue van Kaili Zhang, fashion career; Han Tongsheng the marriage crisis; combination of war Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen flash marriage, three sets of posters were full of deep breath of love, humor. Three sets of posters were used three groups of hedge colors, both the Qing Xinming quickly, and the fierce conflict that. Liu Tao turned three heart surgery high female doctor, a typical workplace skeleton demon, met divorced and unemployed and warm man Huang Jue, a status of the poor love begins. Kaili Zhang and Han Tongsheng on this marriage crisis suffered the quarrelsome lovers. One is outspoken, knife mouth tofu heart, the queen holds the dominant position in the home "". One day be bullied, finally become their own masters "and" weak dad ", but also without losing warmth at. Three groups of countdown posters, the most dazzling color to the number of Ye Zuxin and Pan Chen’s "90 after the young couple" combination, love, marriage, pregnancy…… Everything is in the flash mode. Three groups use of color, different style are reflected on the CP three. Three main slogan are the "love" as the theme, "love is a gentle", "love is long waiting", "love is a heart" corresponding to three different groups of people of their respective characteristics, complement each other. Many users refer to: "the United States bombing, bursting with expectations!" The light to look at the service of the road has been dizzy……" Two generations of Qi love music video opens a new model of emotional comedy drama about the Kim family Almighty goddess "Jin Na (Liu Tao)," Qiao old "pretty flowers (Kaili Zhang ornaments)," by father Jin Zhiyang (Han Tongsheng), "no reliable 90" (Jin Bo ye Zu Xinshi) a four people across two generations of emotional story. The young man to Liu Tao, represented by Huang Jue and Kaili Zhang, with Han Tongsheng as the representative of the parents as a typical case, director Liu Xin in a humorous tone, with a form of the two generation of people in love and family, different views and contradictions appear one by one, by contrast the table now to express love to each a generation of meaning. Liu Tao and Huang Jue as the "lovers" showing a desire for love under the pressure in the fast pace of urban competition, but also reveal a self-control and self-discipline. It is fifty years old parents become restless, marriage crisis, third, and other office romance would occur in young people events all tasted. The general turmoil in this seemingly chasing love big battle)相关的主题文章:

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