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Ma He permanent big 3 trophies: if the money can pile on the value of the world top teams – Sohu news Guangzhou Hengda Taobao won the FA Cup champion in Nanjing yesterday, so far this season China football all credit is Hengda win, Scolari for a year and a half finished Lippi during his time performance. As the team boss Xu Jiayin yesterday to congratulate the team on, and another boss Ma today also sent congratulations, and in addition to his congratulations I also expressed their views on football, for some hengda. Ma Yun first in his congratulations to the team won three trophies, he thinks money can stack a world teams like this, then all the money is worth it, he hoped that Taobao must play after Hengda a champion. At the same time, Ma stressed that he will not give the team in his final tianluan, he also said the team play well, as the boss he would seriously look at the ball, never go to the stadium, the team will not give up. The following is the letter: congratulations to the team Ma three time winner! Congratulations to the grand slam! Chinese football history is not long, Hengda Taobao luck achievement of a football team with no predecessors; China world tour is very rough and tough, so Hengda Taobao from a champion to play. Some people question, Hengda Taobao is a pile of money. Yes, money is important. But if our money can stack a team spirit, a bunch of glory and dream, a bunch of overwhelming joy, making a real world team, so this is really the best money should go! Some people questioned Hengda Taobao will rely on foreign aid, the Chinese value in football. Football, love itself is enough, we cheer for the process, the revitalization of football by the pay, not empty slogans, but in reality to learn, all within the four seas are my teacher! Chinese from the football World Cup, the middle of a poor team spirit. A person plays like eleven people, then lost; eleven people play like a person, that is the opportunity. That’s what football is for us. Fans who don’t understand art are not good bosses. You work hard, I will seriously look at the ball, which does not end, no prediction, not chaos! Ma Yun November 28, 2016相关的主题文章:

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