Man with a knife robbed many students accumulated more than 300 yuan grab jailed for 10 years (video-vidown

Man with a knife robbed many students accumulated more than 300 yuan to grab 10 years for idle they hang out in the middle school surrounding, the students in the school as they were staring at the target. Two men in the campus near the violent robbery many times, accumulative total only 300 yuan. Recently, the procuratorate released information shows that the defendant on suspicion of robbery jailed and fined. One day in the middle of July 2015, Shi Mou, a tourist in the vicinity of a middle school in Shenyang District of Huanggu, saw the small dragon walking alone (alias, under 14 years old), then stepped forward threatening, "put your pocket money out for me."……". Dragons see each other with a knife in his hand, took out his pocket money to the man without demur. The same year at the beginning of September, Shimou together with Sohn (dealt with), in the vicinity of a middle school in Huanggu District, stress Xiaoshuai (a pseudonym, under the age of 14 Zhou Sui), threats of violence from each other nearly 200 yuan, after the money squandered. On the same night and on the same day in October, Shi, a tour in the Huanggu district near Jiangxi street green duck, with the same violence threat, once again robbed students, after the money squandered. In October 2015, Shi Mou and a tourist were arrested and brought to justice. History explained nothing, just wandering around the school, because of the lack of money at hand, so only to the students. The people’s Procuratorate of Shenyang District of Huanggu believes that history, tourism, illegal possession for the purpose of violence and coercion to forcibly capture other people’s property, their behavior has constituted robbery, in which the history of a number of robbery. Court verdict, convicted of robbery, was sentenced to imprisonment in ten years and two months, and fined one thousand yuan; a crime committed robbery, sentenced to imprisonment in four years and ten months, and fined one thousand yuan. Monitoring photographed man stick a knife robbery prosecutors say their bicycle robbery crime is a felony robbery regardless of the amount of this case is a typical occurrence in the campus surrounding the robbery, the two defendants for various reasons after junior high school dropout, become wandering around the campus in the idlers. They aim at the students, use the weakness that the victim can not resist, and then threaten them with violence. Afterwards, the victim was afraid to report to the parents or teachers because of fear of the defendant’s retaliation, which led to the defendant being more unscrupulous. The reason why the robbery is 318 yuan will be the penalty. The prosecutor said that whether the suspect obtains property or not, the value of the stolen property, as long as the purpose of illegal possession, and take violence on the spot or threat means by violence, constitute robbery. "A huge amount of money" and "a particularly serious disability or death" are only two circumstances of the crime being severely punished. As long as the robbery is carried out, it constitutes a crime. Robbery is a felony, the judgment is three years, the most serious can be sentenced to death.

男子持刀多次抢劫学生 累计抢到300余元获刑10年游手好闲的他们经常出没在中学周边,学校里的学生成为他们紧盯的目标。两男子在校园附近暴力抢劫多次,累计只有300余元。近日,检察院发布信息显示,被告人因涉嫌抢劫罪获刑并处罚金。2015年7月中旬的一天,史某、游某在沈阳市皇姑区一所中学附近,看到独自行走的小龙(化名,未满14周岁),随即上前威胁,“把你兜里的钱给我掏出来……”。小龙看到对方手里拿着刀,二话不说掏出兜里的钱给男子。同年9月初,史某伙同孙某(另案处理),在皇姑区某中学附近,胁迫小帅(化名,未满14周岁),以暴力相威胁抢走对方近200元,之后赃款挥霍。同日晚上以及同年10月份的一天,史某、游某在皇姑区鸭绿江西街附近,以同样的暴力方式相威胁,再次抢劫学生,之后赃款挥霍。2015年10月,史某和游某被警方抓捕归案。史某交代没事就在学校周边闲逛,因为手头一时缺钱,所以才向学生下手。沈阳市皇姑区人民检察院认为,史某、游某以非法占有为目的,以暴力、胁迫的方法,强行劫取他人财物,其行为均已构成抢劫罪,其中史某系多次抢劫。法院判决,史某犯抢劫罪,被判处有期徒刑十年二个月,并处罚金人民币一千元;游某犯抢劫罪,被判处有期徒刑四年十个月,并处罚金人民币一千元。 监控拍下男子持刀棍抢劫学生自行车 检察官说法抢劫罪属重罪无论抢劫金额大小本案是一起典型的发生在校园周边的抢劫案,两名被告人因为各种原因初中辍学后,成为在校园周边游荡的闲散人员。他们以学生为目标,利用被害人年幼不敢反抗的弱点,再加以暴力威胁。事后被害人因惧怕被告人报复而不敢向家长或老师汇报,导致被告人更加肆无忌惮。为何抢劫318元就会获此刑罚?检察官表示,无论犯罪嫌疑人是否取得财物,也不论被抢财物价值的大小,只要是以非法占有为目的并当场采取暴力或以暴力相威胁手段,就构成抢劫罪。“数额特别巨大”和“致人特别严重伤残或死亡”只是本罪从重处罚的两个情节。只要实施了抢劫行为,就构成犯罪。抢劫罪属于重罪,起判就是三年,严重者最高可判死刑。相关的主题文章:

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