Many of Nanjing’s public rental housing by private leased landlord not afraid of the investigation f tamiflu

Many of Nanjing’s public rental housing by private leased private benefits landlord: not afraid of the investigation is located in Nanjing District of Qixia Dingjiazhuang low-income housing area is one of Nanjing’s four low-income housing area. Reporters saw a piece of information in the library, it was rented here Yan Yan garden 18 single apartment, and the 18 just all public rental. Reporters call the other side of the phone in the name of the tenant, a middle-aged man said after answering the first house to talk about. In accordance with the requirements of the other side, the reporter went to the area next to an intermediary company successfully received the key, the accident is that the staff had come up with the two sets of public rental housing key, so that reporters themselves to the house selection. In the reporter Yan Song Park 18 7 floor and 21 floor to see, the two sets of 50 square meters of public rental housing decoration, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom has paved floor, floor tile, solar water heaters and other living facilities, public housing tenant Goods are available in all varieties., out of the rent for 1400 yuan. During the visit, the nearby public housing tenants told reporters that their original family housing area is not enough, now living here and feel the warmth of the government policies. At the same time, they kindly reminded reporters, public rental sublet illegal behavior, do not rent. After the end of the house, the reporter proposed to the intermediary companies rent public rental will be investigated and dealt with concerns, the intermediary immediately told reporters to circumvent the experience. The reporter said: "if someone knocks on the door to do the rounds?" Intermediary companies: said the landlord’s relatives on the line." Reporter: by not fly ah?" Intermediary companies: nothing!" Landlord: absolutely safe, not afraid of the investigation in Nanjing District of Qixia city streets horses granite low-income housing area, the public rental housing about 2000 sets with the construction, here is there illegal sublease profit situation? September 28th afternoon, reporters came to the low-income housing area of granite Magnolia Park, the district posted a number of single apartment rental advertisements. Reporters call one of the phone, the other said, she has room for rent, and the reporter agreed to house time. Half an hour later, the reporter went to the granite Magnolia Park Building 3 low-income housing 2 floor of a monthly rent of 1500 yuan apartment, reporters asked to see the property permits to determine the identity of the owner was assured after signed a rental contract, the woman that tells the truth. Woman: "like this is a public rental, you have to worry about you do not rent, I told you that this rental is the two landlord, just you. Besides, we do not rent one or two sets of rental house to play, we are doing this, do you think I am not afraid of trouble?" In order to dispel the concerns of reporters, the woman said, many homeowners are rental application down, there are measures under the policy, even if there are so many people to check, can not be a real set check, check the real time reported owner information, absolute security. Regulation of no small difficulty the reporter interviewed found that the Nanjing granite Dingjiazhuang, two low-income housing have emerged in the area of public rental housing is illegal sublease phenomenon, the relevant departments is how to regulate it? This reporter came to Nanjing housing group Dingjiazhuang low-income housing low rent housing Redford city public service, the service for Ding Jie introduced, Dingjiazhuang low-income housing area total public low rent housing more than 4 thousand sets, has now completed more than 3 thousand units, more than 2 thousand households, and the service point.相关的主题文章:

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