Nanjing undercover reporter Dutch act group someone claiming to commit suicide not discouraged sweets parade

Nanjing undercover reporter "Dutch act group": someone claiming to commit suicide did not dissuade two college students social groups meet to Nanjing to commit suicide, how regulation to avoid a repeat of the tragedy? The hotel bathroom is arranged into two small rooms, including death. This is Nanjing’s recent suicide together events, the two boys are Anhui college students, because of psychological problems, through the "Dutch act" social groups meet in Nanjing to commit suicide. Recently, the modern express reporter undercover multiple "Dutch act group", which the speech is full of negative energy. The police said that in recent years, young people commit suicide incidents, on the one hand, the needs of the community to improve their mental health concerns; on the other hand, but also to these important social communities were investigated, in order to avoid tragedy. Special correspondent Yang Weibin ZAKER of Nanjing Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou emergency two 95 small hotel Dutch act in October 16th this year, killed more than 3 in the afternoon, Nanjing Shaoshan Road police station received the alarm, said the area of a hotel, there are two tenants lying in the bathroom, suspected suicide. Police rushed to the scene learned that the two tenants are "after the 95", in October 15th, in the afternoon, around 2:00 on the afternoon of the second day, the waiter found that the time to check out the two people have not checked out, they went to the room to check. After entering the room, the waiter found that the house is only an empty suitcase, two guys were gone. After a careful search, found two men sitting in the bathroom shower room, bathroom and motionless, the door is locked. Hunch that something bad happened, the waiter quickly reported to the duty manager, and immediately dialed 110 and 120". And other bathroom doors open, 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene, confirmed that the two men have died. Police rushed to the scene found two small bathroom vents at all with tape closed, arranged into the chamber, the burning charcoal brazier and unused charcoal. One of them has cut marks on the wrist, another man left a suicide note. Accordingly, the police initially ruled out homicide. The police investigation two people through the "Dutch act" social group identity through a survey of two similar suicide commit suicide, the police found that they are high college students of two universities in Anhui (a pseudonym) and Li Ping (a pseudonym). Two universities in different cities in Anhui, there is no intersection of the two people usually live." Police told reporters. So two people will meet, and came to Nanjing to commit suicide? According to Goldman Sachs left at the scene of the suicide note, the police learned that he had psychological problems in school, there have been suicide. At the same time, it can be found from the suicide note, for suicide tools, such as charcoal, plaster, wine is Gaosheng ready, apparently two personnel should have conferred. In Li Ping’s cell phone, the police finally found. It turned out that they were in a "suicide" as the theme of the social group to get to know, and then commit suicide. "Li Ping in the social group and others had suicidal aspects of communication." Police, some of them have been told Li Ping to commit suicide to use what tools, including how to decorate the room. In the two person.相关的主题文章:

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