Network transmission Enshi Land Rover driver was shot by police department overtaking lead (video) m spyair

Network transmission Enshi Land Rover driver was shot by police department cited friends the night of September 15th overtaking melee posting said, Hubei Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Enshi City Civil Aviation Hotel have four or five person gun to a "Land Rover" car of the men killed, heavily armed special police hunt. In this regard, the Enshi Municipal Public Security Bureau staff told reporters on the afternoon of September 16th, about the Land Rover driver was shot untrue. After investigation, "Land Rover" and "Honda" driver a driver for overtaking after a dispute, both sides melee caused 3 people were injured, no deaths. Police at the scene of the 7 suspects and seized control of the gun and the gun 1 branch. 15 evening, a netizen said a Land Rover driver was shot. WeChat, Enshi local public figure of Enshi City Public Security Bureau official WeChat on September 16th at 4:29 in the morning release informed that 15 evening about 9:40, Enshi City Public Security Bureau police patrols to ferry small aviation civil aviation road near the hotel, found someone in front of the hotel parking lot brawl, immediately stepped forward to stop, and the scene will be the character of a week, the other 7 suspects and seized control, air guns, gun 1, 1 sticks. After preliminary investigation, driving a Land Rover SUV Zhou and driving a Honda CRV for the character of a dispute after overtaking, invited Ma et al found Fu in a Civil Aviation Road near the hotel, and a match with the car and Tianmou occurred melee, caused 2 people injured, 1 people were injured head chest, 3 the injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment. WeChat public number @ native Enshi, Zhou road Tiger cross-country car to Sheng Xiangjiaba to Enshi Road, because Zhou flash ready to overtake caused in front of a Honda CRV SUV with Honda owners Zhou vehicle don’t on the side of the road, the two sides quarrel. Then the two sides drove to the hotel after the process of civil aviation melee, a party holding gun threat, and another wounded in the head with a stick. According to whether the suspects use air gun or pistol injury and other details, in September 16th the Enshi Municipal Public Security Bureau staff told surging news this afternoon on the case, the case is still under investigation, the timely release into the exhibition. Related news economic disputes between the elder 6 year old boy was kidnapped in Enshi to Honghu mid autumn "BaBiWaWa bar" affray case cracked has captured 5 men’s "discovery" of his ex-wife and others had female students to seek divorce 950 thousand paragraph Old Summer Palace four beast first appeared in Hubei witnessed the vicissitudes of history (Photos) in the training field of girls with special beauty (Photos) is a battle! The road car drivers staged a melee sticks Nu grudge相关的主题文章:

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