Self-Improvement A lot of guys want to know how to deal with rejection. One of the main keys to any sort of rejection, whether it’s with women or anything in your life, is to truly accept that there is a?.. NEXT! Let me explain. When it .es to women in the USA alone there are approximately 60 million single women. For you football fanatics, that equates to the equivalent of 857 sold out 70,000 capacity stadiums full of women in the USA alone! Now we realize that all of them may not be up to your standards, but I would be willing to bet you can find a stadium full of women that are to your liking with those kind of numbers. What do I mean by "NEXT!"? Basically, every time you approach a woman and she does not respond to you in a positive manner literally see the word "NEXT!" in big bold letters. And depending on how strong you feel you may even say it out loud. Just for now, try it out! Say the word OUT LOUD with some feeling ??. NEXT! Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Feel free to do it again and again with the picture of the last girl who was too stupid to realize what she had in front of her at the time!…. Ready?. NEXT! Easier said than done, you may say, but truthfully it is a fact. With thousands of single women in your area, why would you be fixated on the one that is having a bad day and has no clue how good it will be with you; how good her life could have been if she had been lucky enough to spend time with you. Therefore, you move forward and on to the NEXT lucky girl. If you can truly adopt this as a state of mind you will find yourself approaching more women and not being so afraid of her reacting to her bad day and blowing you off, because any time a woman doesn’t move towards going out with you it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with her and her issues. It could be as simple as her not knowing what you bring to the table. It could be she just got dumped by a real jerk and you have the same eyebrows for all you know. It could be as .plicated as her trying to find her own identity. None of these excuses are your problem. Don’t make them your problem; simply see the word?..NEXT! And move on. Don’t try to figure it out and don’t try to make excuses as to why she turned you down. And if you have any buddies who will give you a hard time about the fact that she turned you down then find new buddies. At least you have the balls to approach her! Real friends will support you and congratulate you for taking a shot and approaching her. As a matter of fact, I congratulate you up front for your courage and willingness to approach her and to go after what you want. Congratulations, you are significantly ahead of most of the Nancy Boys in our society who are afraid to put themselves out there and approach the women they’re attracted to! NEXT! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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