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Pass the Rockets to send to Toronto Howard rejected Warcraft: don’t want to be a deserter – Sports Sohu   February 12th Beijing time, according to media reports, the news source said, the rocket and the Raptors discussed the Howard deal, but the latter are not interested in this, but in the eyes of Howard, he did not want to leave the rocket. So far this season, the rocket performance is not good, only 27 wins and 28 losses record, temporarily ranked ninth in the west, from now on, the rocket management has planned to make changes through the transaction. Prior to the announcement, the Rockets intend to trade Howard, who is the main center of the team and will have the right to be a free agent this summer. So far, Howard has averaged 32.3 minutes, averaging 14.6 points, 12 rebounds, and 1.5 closures this season. Although the season is less than the peak of the season, Howard seems to be regaining his former dominance from the recent point of view. It is reported that the Rockets have discussed with the Raptors about Howard’s transaction, but the latter is not interested. So far this season, the Raptors perform well, winning 35 wins and 17 losses, ranking second in the East, second only to the cavaliers. In the Raptors lineup, Waland Nath is the main team of the existing center, although in the internal control and other aspects, he is inferior to Howard, but from the age and technical characteristics, he is obviously more suitable for Raptors than Howard. In fact, during the initial period of magic, Howard volunteered to leave the team, then he switched to the Lakers, after the effectiveness of the team a season, but also actively choose to leave the rockets. However, from the existing situation, Howard does not want to repeat the same mistake. Previously, his agent has denied the initiative to ask the Rockets to trade Howard, which, Howard gave recognition. "My manager’s speech is true. I didn’t ask the Rockets to trade me. I haven’t talked about any deals. I want to win. I want to continue working in this situation. I chose this team. I’m not going to run away because we’re facing some adversity." Howard said. (Fu Yun) 传火箭欲送魔兽至猛龙遭拒 霍华德:不想当逃兵-搜狐体育     北京时间2月12日,据美媒体报道,有消息源称,火箭与猛龙商讨过有关霍华德的交易,不过后者对此并没有兴趣,同时在霍华德看来,自己并不想离开火箭。   本赛季至今,火箭表现不佳,仅取得27胜28负战绩,暂时排名西部第9位,从目前来看,火箭管理层已经打算通过交易做出改变。   此前有消息人士称,火箭队打算交易霍华德,后者是球队的主力中锋,今年夏天将有权选择成为自由球员。   到目前为止,霍华德本赛季场均出场32.3分钟,能送出14.6分12.0个篮板1.5次封盖,尽管本赛季的状态逊色于巅峰期,但是从最近情况来看,霍华德似乎逐渐找回昔日统治力。   据悉,火箭已经与猛龙商讨过有关霍华德的交易,不过后者对此并没有兴趣。本赛季至今,猛龙表现不俗,取得35胜17负的战绩,排名东部第2位,仅次于骑士。   在猛龙阵容中,瓦兰丘纳斯是球队现有的主力中锋,尽管在内线统治力等方面,他逊色于霍华德,不过从年龄以及技术特点上来看,他显然比霍华德更适合猛龙。   其实在当初效力魔术期间,霍华德就曾主动要求离开球队,之后他转投湖人,在效力球队一个赛季之后,又主动选择离开加盟火箭。   不过从现有情况来看,霍华德并不想重蹈覆辙。此前他的经纪人已经否认主动要求火箭交易霍华德,对此,霍华德给予了承认。   “我经纪人的言论是真的。我并没有要求火箭交易我。我也没有谈论过任何交易。我想要赢。我想要在目前这样的情况下继续努力。我选择了这支球队。我不会跑掉,因为我们面对一些逆境。”霍华德说道。   (浮云)相关的主题文章:

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