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People comment: "take their own long road, memorial to move forward – View – October 22nd, is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march China Red Army day. 21, the central held a commemoration meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and made an important speech, recalling the long march of that era, and history, based on the present and the future, it is for "every generation has to take their own road". 80 years ago, the Red Army drew a China magnificent red ribbon on the earth. The most convincing figures, the magnificent, is the most incisive in every battle, every trip, every mountain, every grass. Twenty-five thousand in the journey, every 300 meters at the expense of a red army, more than 600 battles, hundreds of rivers and mountains more than 40 Xianfeng, more than 20 seats at an altitude of 4000 meters above the mountain…… The red army conquered the limits of human survival with indomitable will, staged a "world military history magnificent drama of the war". If this expedition created a miracle of the world, then, we commemorate the long march today, not only to pay tribute to the miracle, but also along the great footsteps continue to move forward. In Military Museum "epic immortal monument" theme of the exhibition, a painting entitled "we will come back" painting let many people stop and stare. The painting atmosphere of haze, grief, horse saddle has prepared a commander, and the old woman hugged with, tell apart the feelings. Farewell, farewell to the masses of folks, the Reds on the expedition is actually in "farewell", with art showing a "come back", a revolution on the triumphalism. "Like deep sea cannot forget, the Red Army, the success of the revolution, early xiang." Every step out, "move forward" is to go home after the victory, the victory". It is the lofty ideals and firm beliefs that inspire and guide the Reds forward. In order to move forward, in the darkness of the hard to explore, but also need to give way to the front of a beacon light. As general secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, the victory of the long march is the victory of the road and the road. Turn the party’s "left" dogmatism, walk, crossing the river rapids, lofty mountains and steep hills over the grass wasteland…… In the face of the direction and the choice of the road, whether it is the party to go from here, no matter how cruel the battle, from blood and fire in the new, to victory. National Museum "the spirit of faith??" inheriting cultural relics exhibition, Chen Boqu is often used in the long march of the lantern display, a beam of light can be found out of the snow capped mountains and grassland Road, then why not in the narrow path for his comrades to illuminate the road? In 80 years, the spirit of "beam light" has never been put out, from the military sense of victory is the realization of the strategic significance of the victory, and after each period of revolution, construction and reform, to find a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics to create a better life for the people. Now the overall advancement of the "five in one overall layout, to promote the coordination of" four comprehensive "strategic layout, undivided attention to realize" two one hundred year "goal, the wish for a better life, the reform and development of the problem, the great rejuvenation of the task, placed in front of the about 1300000000 Chinese people. At the same time, the development of confidence and potential相关的主题文章:

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