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UnCategorized Even though we teach your children to brush their teeth three times a day, and follow all the instructions that the dentist gives us on using proper brushing methods, they still leave a great deal of food debris and plaque on our teeth. There are many places on the teeth that a toothbrush simply cannot easily reach. Since plaque is invisible, it even more difficult for children to clean teeth sufficiently to remove all bacteria. This is where plaque disclosing tablets can go a long way toward improving your childs dental health. This may seem like an extra, needless step to take in home preventative dental health care. It is not. Plaque is far more serious than what most of us have been led to believe. Not only is it the number one cause of cavities, but it is also a major contributor to periodontal disease. Plaque itself is a sticky accumulation of food and bacteria that builds up on your teeth. While it is almost impossible to see plaque even under a bright light, disclosing tablets can make it immediately visible. They produce a red-colored liquid that will harmlessly stain tartar and plaque that are resident on a childs teeth. It will help them better see the areas that require more thorough cleaning. Using this simple tool will help them remove plaque every day before it builds up and mineralizes into tartar. (Tartar is also known as calculus). Once a child has tartar on his or her teeth, he or she will not be able to floss or brush it off. You will have to take your child in for a professional tooth cleaning at a dental office in order to have it removed from your teeth. It is much simpler to teach children to use disclosing tablets, which are reasonably priced and .pletely bio-friendly. They are made from a vegetable dye that stains the plaque, but does not stain the teeth. Once children get used to using them, they will eventually be aware of all the places where plaque hides. This gives them a visual frame of reference to work with when learning how to care for themselves. It is very important to teach children to never swallow the liquid or their toothpaste. The process is amazingly simple. First, a child simply brushes or flosses then teeth like normally done. Then, he or she chews a tablet until it turns to liquid. This liquid, as we said, will not stain the teeth, but it will turn the plaque a brightly colored red that can be seen in the mirror. Once this plaque is located, the child needs only to brush and floss the red spots until there is no more coloration remaining. This indicates that all of the plaque has been removed. Plaque disclosing tablets are normally used only as a short-term strategy of dental hygiene. Children learn what spots on their teeth experience plaque buildup and get in the habit after a few weeks of cleaning these places more thoroughly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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