Poor performance of the index so that the operation of stable income! onavo protect

Poor performance of the index so that the operation of stable income! This week, the index was flat, 5 trading days this week, the interval amplitude of 1.72%, an interval of up to 0.37%. The market for investors is neither dead nor alive, a torment, market sentiment will be to the freezing point. But history tells us that the opportunity to make money is always there. The high popularity of the market, the risk is greater than the opportunity. Friday’s stock index continued weak concussion, Okiwa Jishin took the lead in the callback, market sentiment index also appears slightly frustrated, diving, eventually Shanghai refers to a line, the end of the Shanghai index five Lianyang; review this week, since Tuesday’s stock index hit upward in line after the rest of the week a few trading days the stock are subject to in line suppression difficult to form an effective breakthrough, visible near the line pressure. Although the index downturn, but it does not mean there is no opportunity in the market. Excellent investment products this week, the stock performance is very gratifying! Do not worry about the stock subscription and investment adviser! This week the outstanding stock list:             Shanghai K-line and Investment Announcement screenshot gold in September 5th and September 8th respectively in the column column indicated in south of the Five Ridges holdings, pear shares, the cumulative rose respectively 37.16% and 23.27%! In particular, pear shares, two increase transactions amounted to 23.27%!     optimal selection of investment theme in September 5th column recommended dry according to the highest increase range of photoelectric 5 trading days 23.93%, the cumulative increase of 14.77%!     electric environmental protection and care of intelligence review column in the recommended in September 6th, 4 trading days rose 19.14%, the cumulative increase of 16.19%!     in addition, there are other columns in the tips of the stock, but also has a good performance. Excellent investment as a periodical products macro policy interpretation, every day will do a lot of homework, the selection of valuable information from various information, policy, performance, announcement and so on, tracking and observation. Guided by the policy, the value of mining investment stocks, with investment to achieve tight optimal pace, firmly believe that you can profit, oh! (and solve the problem of stock subscription investment) superior Financial Research Institute – professional, innovative, rigorous! With investors, with our professional perspective tells the story of A shares. Every story bears the opportunity, attention and care, understand A shares, the opportunity is in your hands! (subscription and investment, the stock market is       method);相关的主题文章:

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