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Princess Disney brave dream start   help to achieve the dream of Shandong channel, Princess Disney brave dream start to help achieve the dream of Princess Disney brave dream start to help achieve the dream in Princess Disney series, give us the most fascinated by the wonderful story of the princesses are of excellent quality and their efforts to achieve the dream. Just like brave, hard-working, never give up Cinderella, as well as the freedom and determination, explore the new world of the little mermaid. This time, Disney invited 3 to 11 year old girls to share their dreams and aspirations. For every girl who has a big dream, there is a princess Disney who can enlighten her dream. In September 28th, Youku and Disney jointly opened the "Princess Disney brave pursuit" activities, users login Disney official website or Youku children’s activity page, upload videos about the dream story can participate. It is reported that this event will elect 200 network princess, and select 9 Princess Disney, brave dream, dream ambassador. The event mainly for girls aged 3 to 11 years old, users upload more than two minutes of pursuit video can participate. According to the ranking of the participating video volume, the top 200 Internet princesses will be selected, and 9 Princess Disney’s dream ambassadors will be selected by expert judges. The winners list will be released on the website of activity in November 8, 2016. The 200 young princess of the Internet will have the opportunity to win Disney princess’s children’s shoes, Princess Disney’s skirt, Princess Disney’s schoolbag, Princess Disney’s dream castle, Princess Disney doll and other valuable prizes. 9 Princess Disney dream ambassadors will go to Shanghai Disney resort, in the fantasy fairy tale castle colorful change salon, turned princess, Princess Disney met, dreams come true! In addition, all the participating video will be uploaded to the small Youku, the children in the small Youku watching cartoons, but also to enjoy the rich "Princess Disney brave pursuit" short film. It is reported that small Youku and Disney is the first cooperation. As Youku potatoes 2016 specifically for the star of the cartoon video software to create small children, Youku since its launch will continue for the kids to provide a variety of green, high-quality animation content, and create all kinds of cartoon stars and meet the opportunity to interact, to help children realize their dreams, like a small park after Youku held in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places "Thomas" landing activities, creating little friends and Thomas zero distance contact. The cooperation with Disney held "Princess Disney brave pursuit" activities, and synchronize all the video on the line, is a small Youku to help children dream out of a new step, I believe that children will enjoy a variety of high-quality dreams experience. (commissioning editor Zhang Liandong and Hu Honglin) 迪士尼公主勇敢追梦活动启动 助力实现梦想–山东频道–人民网 迪士尼公主勇敢追梦活动启动 助力实现梦想 迪士尼公主勇敢追梦活动启动 助力实现梦想 在迪士尼公主系列中,让我们最着迷的是公主们的精彩故事以及她们努力实现梦想的优秀品质。就好比勇敢勤劳从不放弃的灰姑娘以及自由坚毅,探索新世界的小美人鱼。此次迪士尼邀请各位3到11岁的女孩们来分享她们的梦想与志向,对于每一个心怀远大梦想的女孩,都有一位迪士尼公主来启迪她梦想的可能性。 9月28日,小小优酷与迪士尼共同开启“迪士尼公主勇敢追梦”活动,用户登陆迪士尼官方网站或者优酷少儿活动页面,上传讲述梦想故事的视频短片即可参加。据悉,本次活动将选出200位网络人气小公主,并从中选拔9位迪士尼公主勇敢追梦梦想大使。 本次活动主要面向3到11周岁的女孩,用户上传不超过两分钟的追梦视频即可参赛。根据参赛视频播放量的排名,活动将评选出前200位网络人气小公主,之后将由专家评委评选出9位迪士尼公主梦想大使。获奖名单将于2016年11月8日在活动网站公布。 200位网络人气小公主将有机会获得迪士尼公主童鞋、迪士尼公主裙、迪士尼公主书包、迪士尼公主梦幻城堡、迪士尼公主玩偶等各种不同价值的奖品。9位迪士尼公主梦想大使将前往上海迪士尼度假区,在奇幻童话城堡的缤纷变幻沙龙里,变身小公主,与迪士尼公主见面,梦想成真! 此外,本次活动所有参赛视频都将上传到小小优酷上,小朋友们在小小优酷看动画片同时还可以欣赏丰富的“迪士尼公主勇敢追梦”短片。 据悉,小小优酷与迪士尼是首次合作。作为优酷土豆2016年专为少儿打造的卡通明星视频软件,小小优酷自推出以来就持续为小朋友们提供各种绿色、高品质动画内容,并创造各式与卡通明星见面互动的机会,帮小朋友们圆梦,如小小优酷乐园此前在深圳、上海等地举办的“托马斯”落地活动,创造小朋友和托马斯零距离接触的机会。此次与迪士尼合作举办“迪士尼公主勇敢追梦”活动,并同步上线所有参赛视频,是小小优酷帮小朋友们圆梦踏出的新一步,相信届时小朋友们将享受到多样且优质的圆梦体验。 (责编:张连东、胡洪林)相关的主题文章:

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