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Read "because you are Sun Li" behind the discontent and unrest – Sohu comments reported recently, Sun Li micro Bo said, filming the hotel around the construction site to work day and night to night, the rest. Micro-blog out, causing a lively discussion of users. It is understood that the situation of users, said Sun Li lived in the hotel is not in the residential area, and the construction segment for more than half of the traffic paralysis, the government decided to speed up the progress of construction in the evening. The news came out, users have accused Sun Li as a public figure, in the absence of clear understanding of the facts, it will be moved to micro-blog. More people bluntly, the workers are people, the star amazing?" Sun Li micro-blog, the legal theory of love, affection, moral right. The wording is sincere, the expression is only "sleeps peacefully to feel" the wish. Between the lines showed no "empress" type of this rights has suffered a curse, it really should not be. In this regard, Cao Lin "the teacher is really very sympathetic to Sun Li opinion these vulnerable groups" has been discussed is very appropriate, I do not need to add the icing on the cake. But when the news heat receded, calmly think about the whole incident, I think we still have to ask is, who expressed dissatisfaction with Sun Li was called the "Troll", whether the loss of arbitrary? I have no intention to troll defense, but those who expressed opposition, even to phase out the satirical, full of "head", "catch what scold what Sprayer? In fact, not all. The hotel has clearly inform the construction, Sun Li also lived; other stars live shooting area in the vicinity of the four star, Sun Li must detour to live this five star; Jinzhong area after November is not construction; the construction team is a night work permit; the hotel where the area is not desolate residential area…… The above argument, and there is no reason, no matter whether the objective, but at least the opponents point of view, as long as the point of view, instead of "genital mouth running" curse words, you should at least get the respect. Sun Li sound right to defend is not false, but if these were denounced as "the sound ray I think is not enough to talk rubbish,". Moreover, Sun Li’s micro-blog, really less point of common feelings". She is clever, considering the pressure from the suspicion and scolded, therefore specially in second thanks and stressed that micro-blog "Jinzhong release" reaction is never in a timely manner, implication is not their display what privileges. But if she is smarter, you should not deliberately avoided the potential influence of stardom, such as frankly saying "my problem is resolved quickly, but I also hope that other city ordinary people can have such luck and smooth channels for help." This not only gives people a sense of propriety and self-knowledge, a common emotion". Her thanks to micro-blog, there is no breakthrough that own private maintenance after the content, not an expression of worldly known, for ordinary trouble understanding, not aware of the public sensitive nerves in the fairness of resource allocation, so naturally on the opinion of the minefield. A motley crew frenzy no brain, the mood is domineering, public opinion exposed numerous common hot news in the present moment, is not a unique quality)相关的主题文章:

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