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" network; red " teacher " " and " suction eye; suction gold "   live can boost online education – the media – people.com.cn original title: live online education can help? (Online China) in 2016 was known as the first year of China’s webcast". Live from the beginning of the race, the later game live, live show, and then to today’s national broadcast live, hot market is breathtaking. Data show that from October last year to this year in June, the volume of active users of the live market has doubled, reaching about 20000000 people. In the past the Rio Olympics, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui guest broadcast platform to interact with the fans, more than 10 million people watch online. Not only Fu Yuanhui, Zhang Jike, and other Olympic stars have also participated in the live broadcast of the. Olympic Star live broadcast and fire a live broadcast platform also earn pots full bowl full. And sports, entertainment and other industries, as well as the hot air blowing into the online education industry. Education broadcast this emerging field gradually fiery up, not only favored by the capital markets and institutional platforms, and even the emergence of a salary of 10000 yuan net red live teacher. So, "education + live" the advantage of this model? Whether it can subvert the online education model or even the traditional classroom education? "Red" teachers "suction eye" and "gold" not long ago, a university teacher counseling students to review the open broadcast news "a popular teacher network — the Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity in order to let the students fail the exam exam, through live online FAQ in Betta platform, students have to thank the teachers" brush gift". Users refer to such a teacher is responsible for the "love" too, for room number "and" this live can have such a teacher can have more ". At the same time, the network also saw the net red teacher education behind the live broadcast of this new outlet, have set foot in this field. NetEase, such as poly Granville video cloud platform to test the water education broadcast, Tencent bet O2O platform "crazy teacher education"…… In fact, live in many years ago should be used for online education case, but in recent years with the "red" broadcast era, three network, Shanghai river network, a large number of classroom learning and thinking, Dingdang educational institutions launched online broadcast platform. Integrated broadcast platform "melee" has also been quietly extended to online education segments, such as YY, they also introduced a live education. For the broadcast industry, the content of non homogeneity is the key to long-term development. The current popular show live, most of the content to chat and performances, it is difficult for a long time the output difference in content. By virtue of the difference in the content of online education, just let the live flow to continue. According to Youdao CEO Zhou Feng said that after the introduction of live, the current curriculum gross margin of about 40%, and with the increase in the size of the latter, the figure will continue to expand. Not only is the broadcast platform profitable, teachers are also in the education of the technical innovation has become the biggest beneficiaries". As with the show live anchor, community network)相关的主题文章:

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