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[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 16311st recommended summary [report] Chinese lottery arrangement 0 – 9 distribution of three comprehensive review analysis: a group of selected chart, the number of center of gravity is still biased in favor of large area, small 0, 2 after thawing, temperature compensation has not entered the state number right will overall center of gravity continued. From the adjacent lone biography of the situation, the lone code recently performed better, optimistic about the next neighbor code strong, a combination of two adjacent solitary and two adjacent a combination can pay more attention to the key, waiting for adjacent code out of 1, 2, 8, 0 yards to o. Five code combination recommendation 13489. A chart analysis: 100 continued in 1, 2 regional hot key number, number 8, number 0 the next offensive weakness, due consideration can thaw cold code 9, recommendation 8** ten positioning bravery code; size uniform, blank in medium area to be filled, the next will be considered a small walk left again, recommended a *1* Danma position; the standard three diagonal form continuous left line, continue to go small is quite possible, if turn right, with 7 and 9 as the focus, the recommended location Danma **1. Analysis of hot and cold after two even one odd combination of even 6, two odd even appeared, the next odd offensive performance is more obvious, small duplex recommended "I + + odd odd"; medium has 9 consecutive period of no fault code, then even a temporary dormancy, will soon heat potential volume of soil again, consider the 4 to 012, 789 of the bile with a combination of direct current; and, missing up to 24, the estimated number thaw before there will be a hot performance, the number of combinations is worth looking forward to two yards; 34, 39 combinations were 21 and 14 missing, if the recent 34 to two rate freeze solutions, first out of the high probability, considering 34 two yards with 1, 7, 8 a 3 note selected number. And value analysis: after the span and the value rose to 20 points, but the possibility to continue upward, immediately down sharply is expected to fall slightly to 14 points, the most cold 15 points at any time to thaw before 12 may, pay close attention to the shortage of covering again. Span, the central span is more open, the next will continue to go, the next value 8, focusing on 9 cross. Reference number: 934, 230, 964, 324, 919, 767, 977, 704, 330. (betting old man) [Chinese lottery report] direct elections ten Dong Xu supermarket 0 Road on the 7 100 strong will, into the large number area, the number from the previous situation, the expected short-term will be launched in the region in the decimal number. Reference: 3, 4, 5. Ten out of 9 on the end of the 2 road open situation, while 0 missing for several periods and the number of large numbers into the thawing zone, the expected short-term 0 will launch a slight rebound point may be concerned about the large number area. Reference: 3, 6, 9. With a period of 4, the trend of a tractor shape, and has sustained periods of weakness, the latter may be concerned about a rebound rise, also pay attention to the continuation of the trend of tractor. Reference: 8, 5, 7. Bile 0相关的主题文章:

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