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Sa Beining Nigel Maiti strong off small SA envy – Sohu was forced to divorce Sa Beining with "   entertainment; marriage; boring " Sohu "temptation" entertainment dinner will usher in the Sa Beining and Nigel Maiti stay strong tonight, more big friendship join. Now the cause of love double harvest Sa Beining actually said, not only to give the public a divorce"! Nigel Maiti is to become Sa Beining’s "little wife", the Ma Dongzhen brothers became husband and wife, let two people "completely destroyed."! In the face of two "old friends", Ma Dong began to let not let two people better, but the "dinner" to host five gathered in a table, who are used to control the market, leading to a few people could hardly say a complete sentence was interrupted by the other party, such as Ma Dong also faces strong presided over the force predicament. I do not know is not to "revenge", Ma Dong seize the opportunity is digging Sa Beining, and asked him to lie to describe their marital status. Sa Beining only began to suffer from a lie rules Tucao marriage "doesn’t mean", now the state is to maintain a marriage, divorce is not just bad for the public "". A few pounds lie down, then succeed Ma Dong opened flowers beside the music, other people have also lamented Sa Beining too hard, the dinner is too dangerous! Half a year ago, Sa Beining and wife Li Bai licensing, two people is skiing is very sweet to see her. Li Bai said in an interview that he is very satisfied with his partner and work, there is no reason to leave, it seems that the two marriage is very happy. Sa Beining himself has also very influential, in all kinds of reality show wit comedy is circle of a large number of young fans, dubbed the "B one of 4 big MC. In the "dinner", but Ma Dong of the young people and old friends, not only in the table run, also forced small and speak ill wife, digging mood is so obvious, it is not because of jealousy of their wedding? In addition to the "divorce", Sa Beining also "brother" at the scene, Nigel Maiti also admit marriage rather boring, when Sa Beining’s "little daughter-in-law", the truth how? Please pay attention to every Sunday eight p.m. broadcast "dinner" temptation!相关的主题文章:

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