Say goodbye to Zheng Junying the white teacher video event of serious consequences jodie foster

Say goodbye to Zheng Junying "the white teacher" video event of serious consequences of Zheng Junying Sina entertainment news tvN variety "home cooking teacher" issued from the white Zheng Junying show off the official position. The official position is as follows: Hello everyone, we are tvN "home cooking white teacher" crew. First of all, is being starred in the "home cooked rice white teacher," Zheng Junying’s recent events related to the audience inconvenience caused by the most sincere apology, and feel very sorry. Zheng Junying said to the crew you would like to use a period of time for introspection intention, after the crew deliberately decided to follow the wishes of his own. Zheng Junying will no longer participate in the start from next week’s "home cooking" white teacher recording, has recorded the end of the 2 weeks of the program will be the part of Zheng Junying, in the early request all the audience’s understanding. In addition due to the prosecution’s investigation has not yet ended, Zheng Junying in the future will return program specific decisions will be published in the prosecution investigation results after further deliberation. Once again for the event and to the inconvenience caused by the audience to express my most sincere apologies.相关的主题文章:

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