Shaoxing unlicensed car knocked down by picking up the elderly driver kindly find the car tracking a

Shaoxing unlicensed car knocked down by picking up the elderly driver kindly find the car tracking after the escape vehicle hit people, what is the first reaction? Most drivers will usually stop to send the injured to take responsibility. But some people choose to escape. The point is, this is a car without a license. On November 22nd at 3:20 in the morning, Shaoxing city traffic police brigade received the alarm, a Shehuang old man was injured near Temple Street in Paojiang street. The police immediately surrounding the transfer of monitoring, to determine the locus of action of elderly. The old man was injured after the transfer of control, then picking up old hand holding a carton was about to go to the opposite, the vehicle is coming from the opposite, the following is just the blind spot monitoring. Blind spots, do not see the situation at that time how to do? Only the elderly in this area and see monitoring, may be a bit vague consciousness. Fortunately, at this time there are two cars opened, saw the old man standing on the roadside, head bleeding, they stopped, and help the police. After the ambulance came to confirm that it was the right side of the car hit the elderly mirror. "There is no vehicle license Regal car, blue, Paojiang traffic police immediately visited the Buick 4S shop, determine the car is already discontinued three or four years ago of the models, should be a second-hand car hit the old man. The car does not have a license, which gives the police to find a certain degree of difficulty, but by constantly monitoring, police officers found the car near the end of the car has always been followed. It turned out that after the accident, there is a good driver has been trailing the vehicle, the well intentioned people also provide models. Through the query, and ultimately determine the vehicle after the accident to the road along the 329, fled into the sea home. In determining the vehicle range after the police launched a search, yesterday morning will finally find the perpetrators sang, after inquiry, sang admitted the butt escape the facts. The driver said, "I stopped to ask him, I say you have nothing, I don’t see him sound, take the car next to him, want to pull him to the hospital, he gave me his hand, no matter can go off." When a reporter asked: "did you see a lot of blood LAORENTOU at that time?" Sang replied: there are a lot of blood it, not much, there are two or three drops down, my heart a little panic, did not encounter such a thing, do not know how to deal with."相关的主题文章:

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