Shenzhen P2P executives collective prison visits CEOs the The imprint is engraved on my heart. (vide

Shenzhen P2P executives collective prison visits CEOs: the The imprint is engraved on my heart. in the history of the most stringent regulatory rules promulgated by Shenzhen P2P P2P will visit the prison executives collectively decide on what path to follow: no Mister than losing what The imprint is engraved on my heart. pain free China Times reporter Jin Wei Beijing reported this morning (September 13th), Shenzhen, dozens of P2P executives in Shenzhen in prison, sponsored by the Shenzhen Internet financial the association of "risk education activities into the prison," Shenzhen is after Shanghai City, visit the local prison organization of the second mutual gold platform executives. "China Times" reporter learned that, Shenzhen well-known P2P platform such as Hongling venture capital and other executives were in, the number of about forty or fifty people, after the visit, a platform boss exclaimed "what is the loss of freedom The imprint is engraved on my heart., painful life". Into the prison warning activities or remediation related to P2P. In August this year, Shenzhen Internet Financial Association issued a "notice on the Internet financial executives into the prison risk warning education activities" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") called "to cooperate with the special rectification work the city’s Internet financial industry, to create a good atmosphere for industry self-regulation, to guide Internet financial enterprises to further enhance the awareness of risk management," according to the law compliance management, held Internet financial executives into the prison warning education activities. Organizers of activities for the Shenzhen Association of Internet banking, support unit of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of justice and the Shenzhen prison, the participants for the Shenzhen Internet Financial Association member unit executives". Note the "notice" in the first will emphasize "member units must participate in the training to executives, member of executive education education archives". According to people involved in the event, the visit to the prison in addition to the contents of the visit to the prison, the executives of the platform will also be on the scene to watch some of the economic crimes related documentary. "The scene can not take pictures. But deep feelings, but also met a former president of a hospital in prison, he was sentenced for bribery." A platform manager introduced. China Times reporter learned that the entire tour continued for a morning, after the visit to the platform executives in the prison door photo. Some executives talk about their mutual gold feeling in the WeChat group, a platform boss lamented the "feel a memory in the The imprint is engraved on my heart.", he seems to face is not a bad thing, in the heart also remind yourself time rules! This is to protect themselves, "there is nothing more painful than the loss of life. If have experience all have deep feelings and cherish their all!" There are executives to the funeral home funeral platform, for example, a profound sense of life and look after their own, to strengthen their attitude towards health". Some platform responsible person, do not want to see the escape from the heart, is fear, and the knot! Only face it, not fear it, the heart can objectively deal with it all, and reflect life and cherish not easily won, and each step of the road, free to live happy! Why do you say ‘experience is wealth’. Not a bit false! Experience, in the face of the sudden not helpless, calm and calm countermeasures! Otherwise, urgent psychological disease, at a loss, and also to the body. So, need to experience,.相关的主题文章:

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