Shinri Zotye auto 000 flash sale will perfect ending

Shinri Zotye auto 000 flash sale will perfect ending   in October 22nd, opened in Guangzhou Shinri Zotye 4S shop group purchase feast, "red October ten benefit in the end" auto first million flash sale will be perfect lonely carnival. The group will offer unprecedented discounts.     group purchase will be the same day, in addition to enjoy the scene surprise business policy, more of the hitherto unknown feedback gift. The classic fashion car models focus on this, the lowest in the history of the interpretation of the temptation. Where the Car Buying car customers, customers can extract oil card, rod boxes, gold God of wealth, the value of 1000 yuan ticket coupons and other premium prizes ". Enjoy ten heavy gift! Zotye T600 sport will shift rotation Zotye T600 sports version of the configuration, the whole system comes standard with LED daytime running lights, front fog lights, car lights, lights, door handles atmosphere Yingbin LOGO lights, heated front seats, 10 inch LCD display etc.. The difference between the high and low only in the LCD panel, four door a key window, induction cage, etc.. The interior is dark interior, with large 10 inch LCD screen, full-color LCD dashboard, ice blue interior atmosphere lamp, interior design as carved secret agents from the future; dashboard and four door panels are made of leather coating, delicate soft, very texture. Non electronic shift knob the biggest change is the first sense of science and technology, T600 sport to abandon the traditional mechanical shifting device, the electronic shift knob way more accurate, the shift is more accurate, the operation is more simple, the luxury car standard, the Thai people can open up. Guangzhou Shinri Zotye 4S shop Baiyun: 020-3624 8989 company address: a street three cross road yellow edge Avenue Baiyun District Guangzhou City Airport (No. 5 Metro Line 2 Huangbian Station exit D Kentucky South 50 meters) Panyu branch: 020-3915 0965, 39175063 company address: Guangzhou Panyu District City, East Central Street dragon Mei Village North Road Panyu No. 886相关的主题文章:

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